Open SCAP Library
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Here is a list of all modules:
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oCommonDefinitions and functions common to all the OpenScap sublibraries
|oIterators & collections
|oString manipulationFunctions to access and manipulate textual data
|oValidationXML schema based validation of XML representations of SCAP documents
|oErrorsError checking mechanism
|\MemoryMemory allocation wrapper functions used in library
oCCECommon Configuration Enumeration
oCPECommon Platform Enumeration
|oCPE Dictionary
|oCPE Language
oCVECommon Vulnerabilities and Exposures
oCVSSCommon Vulnerability Scoring System
oOVALOpen Vulnerability and Assessment Language
|oOVAL AgentOVAL Agent interface
|oOVAL DefinitionsInterface for Definition model
|oOVAL System CharacteristicsInterface for System Characteristics model
|oOVAL ResultsInterface for Results model
|oOVAL DirectivesInterface for Directives model
|oOVAL External Variable BindingInterface to Variable model
|oSystem checking mechanism - probes
||oLibrary-side probe interface
||oProbe handler API
||oProbe session API
||oCommon probe API - object, entity, item manipulationThis file contains functions for manipulating with the S-exp representation of OVAL objects and items
||oAuxilirary functions for probes
||\SEAP and S-expression API
|oOVALADTInterface for Definition model
oXCCDFExtensible Configuration Checklist Description Format
oXCCDF_POLICYPolicy interface to Extensible Configuration Checklist Description Format
|\Engine Plugin