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Engine Plugin

Detailed Description

Data Structures

struct  check_engine_plugin_def


file  check_engine_plugin.h




typedef int(* check_engine_plugin_entry_fn )(struct check_engine_plugin_def *)
 This is the entry point of shared objects implementing extra check engines.


struct check_engine_plugin_defcheck_engine_plugin_load2 (const char *path, bool quiet)
struct check_engine_plugin_defcheck_engine_plugin_load (const char *path)
void check_engine_plugin_unload (struct check_engine_plugin_def *plugin)
int check_engine_plugin_register (struct check_engine_plugin_def *plugin, struct xccdf_policy_model *model, const char *path_hint)
int check_engine_plugin_cleanup (struct check_engine_plugin_def *plugin, struct xccdf_policy_model *model)
int check_engine_plugin_export_results (struct check_engine_plugin_def *plugin, struct xccdf_policy_model *model, bool validate, const char *path_hint)
const char * check_engine_plugin_get_capabilities (struct check_engine_plugin_def *plugin)
const char *const * check_engine_plugin_get_known_plugins (void)
 Retrieves list of plugin names that are known to OpenSCAP. More...

Function Documentation

const char* const* check_engine_plugin_get_known_plugins ( void  )

Retrieves list of plugin names that are known to OpenSCAP.

Loading of these will be attempted automatically