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Detailed Description

Common Configuration Enumeration.

Supported version: 5

Data Structures

struct  cce
 Structure holding CCE entries. More...
struct  cce_entry
 Structure holding single CCE entry data. More...
struct  cce_reference
 Structure holding a CCE reference. More...
struct  cce_reference_iterator
 Iterator over CCE references. More...
struct  cce_entry_iterator
 Iterator over CCE entries. More...


file  cce.h


struct ccecce::cce_new (const char *fname)
 Create a new CCE structure from XML file. More...
void cce::cce_free (struct cce *cce)
 CCE structure destructor. More...


Return value is pointer to structure's member.

Do not free unless you null the pointer in the structure. Use remove function otherwise.

struct cce_entry_iteratorcce::cce_get_entries (const struct cce *cce)
 Get an iterator to the contents of the CCE.
struct cce_entrycce::cce_get_entry (const struct cce *cce, const char *id)
 Get an CCE entry by ID. More...
const char * cce_entry::cce_entry_get_id (const struct cce_entry *cce)
 Get CCE entry ID.
const char * cce_entry::cce_entry_get_description (const struct cce_entry *cce)
 Get CCE entry desription.
struct oscap_string_iteratorcce_entry::cce_entry_get_params (const struct cce_entry *cce)
 Get an iterator to CCE entry's parameters.
struct oscap_string_iteratorcce_entry::cce_entry_get_tech_mechs (const struct cce_entry *cce)
 Get an iterator to CCE entry's technical mechanisms.
struct cce_reference_iteratorcce_entry::cce_entry_get_references (const struct cce_entry *cce)
 Get an iterator to CCE entry's references.
const char * cce_reference::cce_reference_get_source (const struct cce_reference *ref)
 Get source of CCE reference.
const char * cce_reference::cce_reference_get_value (const struct cce_reference *ref)
 Get contents of CCE reference.


struct cce_referencecce_reference_iterator::cce_reference_iterator_next (struct cce_reference_iterator *it)
bool cce_reference_iterator::cce_reference_iterator_has_more (struct cce_reference_iterator *it)
void cce_reference_iterator::cce_reference_iterator_free (struct cce_reference_iterator *it)
void cce_reference_iterator::cce_reference_iterator_reset (struct cce_reference_iterator *it)
struct cce_entrycce_entry_iterator::cce_entry_iterator_next (struct cce_entry_iterator *it)
bool cce_entry_iterator::cce_entry_iterator_has_more (struct cce_entry_iterator *it)
void cce_entry_iterator::cce_entry_iterator_free (struct cce_entry_iterator *it)
void cce_entry_iterator::cce_entry_iterator_reset (struct cce_entry_iterator *it)


bool cce_validate (const char *filename)
 Vlaidate CCE XML file. More...
const char * cce::cce_supported (void)
 Get supported version of CCE XML. More...

Function Documentation

void cce_entry_iterator_free ( struct cce_entry_iterator it)
bool cce_entry_iterator_has_more ( struct cce_entry_iterator it)
struct cce_entry * cce_entry_iterator_next ( struct cce_entry_iterator it)
void cce_entry_iterator_reset ( struct cce_entry_iterator it)
void cce_free ( struct cce cce)

CCE structure destructor.

Deinitializes CCE structure and releases used resources.

ccepointer to target structure
struct cce_entry * cce_get_entry ( const struct cce cce,
const char *  id 

Get an CCE entry by ID.

Return values
NULLif given entry does not exist
struct cce * cce_new ( const char *  fname)

Create a new CCE structure from XML file.

fnameXML file name to porcess
Return values
NULLon failure
void cce_reference_iterator_free ( struct cce_reference_iterator it)
bool cce_reference_iterator_has_more ( struct cce_reference_iterator it)
struct cce_reference * cce_reference_iterator_next ( struct cce_reference_iterator it)
void cce_reference_iterator_reset ( struct cce_reference_iterator it)
const char * cce_supported ( void  )

Get supported version of CCE XML.

version of XML file format
bool cce_validate ( const char *  filename)

Vlaidate CCE XML file.

filenamefile to be validated
result of validation (true / false)