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Detailed Description

Data Structures

struct  oval_ph
struct  oval_phtbl




typedef struct oval_phtbl oval_phtbl_t
typedef struct oval_ph oval_ph_t
typedef int( oval_probe_handler_t )(oval_subtype_t, void *, int,...)
 Type of the handler function. More...


oval_phtbl_toval_phtbl_new (void)
void oval_phtbl_free (oval_phtbl_t *phtbl)
oval_ph_toval_probe_handler_get (oval_phtbl_t *phtbl, oval_subtype_t type)
int oval_probe_handler_set (oval_phtbl_t *phtbl, oval_subtype_t type, oval_probe_handler_t *handler, void *uptr)

Typedef Documentation

typedef int( oval_probe_handler_t)(oval_subtype_t, void *, int,...)

Type of the handler function.

This function takes care of handling all the actions defined bellow, that is: initialization, freeing, opening, evaluating, reseting and closing (whatever that means in your particular case).