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Public Member Functions | Data Fields
oval_syschar_model Struct Reference

Detailed Description

OVAL System Characteristics model.

Object model holds OVAL system characteristics structure instances.

#include <oval_system_characteristics.h>

Public Member Functions

struct oval_syschar_modeloval_syschar_model_new (struct oval_definition_model *definition_model)
 Create new oval_syschar_model. More...
int oval_syschar_model_import_source (struct oval_syschar_model *model, struct oscap_source *source)
 Import the content from the oscap_source into an oval_syschar_model. More...
int oval_syschar_model_import (struct oval_syschar_model *model, const char *file)
 Import the content from the file into an oval_syschar_model. More...
struct oval_syschar_modeloval_syschar_model_clone (struct oval_syschar_model *)
 Copy an oval_syschar_model. More...
int oval_syschar_model_export (struct oval_syschar_model *, const char *file)
 Export system characteristics into file.
void oval_syschar_model_free (struct oval_syschar_model *model)
 Free memory allocated to a specified syschar model. More...
int oval_syschar_model_bind_variable_model (struct oval_syschar_model *, struct oval_variable_model *)
 Bind a variable model to the definitions bound to the syschar model. More...
void oval_syschar_model_set_sysinfo (struct oval_syschar_model *model, struct oval_sysinfo *sysinfo)
struct oval_definition_modeloval_syschar_model_get_definition_model (struct oval_syschar_model *model)
 Return related oval_definition_model from an oval_syschar_model. More...
struct oval_syschar_iteratoroval_syschar_model_get_syschars (struct oval_syschar_model *model)
 Return an iterator over the oval_sychar objects persisted by this model. More...
struct oval_sysinfooval_syschar_model_get_sysinfo (struct oval_syschar_model *model)
 Return default sysinfo bound to syschar model. More...
struct oval_syscharoval_syschar_model_get_syschar (struct oval_syschar_model *model, const char *object_id)
 Return the oval_syschar bound to a specified object_id. More...
int oval_syschar_model_compute_variable (struct oval_syschar_model *, struct oval_variable *)
 Get the oval_values bound to a specified variable.
struct oval_sysitemoval_syschar_model_get_sysitem (struct oval_syschar_model *, const char *)

Data Fields

struct oval_generatorgenerator
struct oval_sysinfosysinfo
struct oval_definition_modeldefinition_model
struct oval_smc * syschar_map
 Represents objects within <collected_objects> element.
struct oval_string_map * sysitem_map
 Represents items within <system_data> element.
char * schema

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