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oval_sysitem Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Each instance of Oval_sysitem represents one item.

An item might be a file, a rpm, a process, etc. This element is extended by the different component schemas through substitution groups. Each item represents a unique instance of an object as specified by an OVAL Object. For example, a single file or a single user. Each item my be referenced by more than one object in the collected object section. Please refer to the description of ItemType for more details about the information stored in items.

#include <oval_system_characteristics.h>

Public Member Functions

struct oval_sysitemoval_sysitem_new (struct oval_syschar_model *, const char *id)
struct oval_sysitemoval_sysitem_clone (struct oval_syschar_model *new_model, struct oval_sysitem *old_data)
void oval_sysitem_free (struct oval_sysitem *)
void oval_sysitem_set_status (struct oval_sysitem *, oval_syschar_status_t)
void oval_sysitem_set_subtype (struct oval_sysitem *sysitem, oval_subtype_t subtype)
void oval_sysitem_add_message (struct oval_sysitem *, struct oval_message *)
void oval_sysitem_add_sysent (struct oval_sysitem *, struct oval_sysent *)
char * oval_sysitem_get_id (struct oval_sysitem *)
 Get system data ID.
oval_syschar_status_t oval_sysitem_get_status (struct oval_sysitem *)
 Get system data status.
struct oval_sysent_iteratoroval_sysitem_get_sysents (struct oval_sysitem *)
 Get system data individual items.
struct oval_message_iteratoroval_sysitem_get_messages (struct oval_sysitem *)
 Get system data message.
oval_subtype_t oval_sysitem_get_subtype (struct oval_sysitem *)
 Get system data subtype.

Data Fields

struct oval_syschar_modelmodel
oval_subtype_t subtype
char * id
struct oval_collectionmessages
struct oval_collectionsysents
oval_syschar_status_t status

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