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Public Member Functions | Data Fields
oval_syschar Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Characteristics bound to an Oval_object.

Instances of Oval_syschar provide relate an Oval_object and Oval_sysitem instances.

If an OVAL Object does not exist on the system, then an object is still provided but with the flag attribute set to 'does not exist' and with no reference child elements. This shows that the object was looked for but not found on the system. If no object element is written in this case, users of the system characteristics file will not know whether the object was not found or no attempt was made to collect it.

The flag attribute holds information regarding the outcome of the data collection. For example, if there was an error looking for items that match the object specification, then the flag would be 'error'. Please refer to the description of FlagEnumeration for details about the different flag values.

#include <oval_system_characteristics.h>

Public Member Functions

struct oval_syscharoval_syschar_new (struct oval_syschar_model *, struct oval_object *)
struct oval_syscharoval_syschar_clone (struct oval_syschar_model *new_model, struct oval_syschar *old_syschar)
void oval_syschar_free (struct oval_syschar *)
void oval_syschar_add_variable_binding (struct oval_syschar *, struct oval_variable_binding *)
void oval_syschar_set_flag (struct oval_syschar *model, oval_syschar_collection_flag_t flag)
void oval_syschar_set_object (struct oval_syschar *, struct oval_object *)
int oval_syschar_get_variable_instance (const struct oval_syschar *syschar)
 Gets the variable_instance attribute of the syschar. More...
void oval_syschar_set_variable_instance (struct oval_syschar *syschar, int variable_instance_in)
 Sets the variable_instance attribute of the syschar. More...
void oval_syschar_add_sysitem (struct oval_syschar *, struct oval_sysitem *)
void oval_syschar_add_message (struct oval_syschar *syschar, struct oval_message *message)
void oval_syschar_add_new_message (struct oval_syschar *syschar, char *text, oval_message_level_t level)
oval_syschar_collection_flag_t oval_syschar_get_flag (struct oval_syschar *)
 Get system characteristic flag.
struct oval_message_iteratoroval_syschar_get_messages (struct oval_syschar *)
 Get messages bound to this system characteristic.
struct oval_objectoval_syschar_get_object (struct oval_syschar *)
 Get object associated with this system characteristic.
oval_syschar_get_variable_bindings (struct oval_syschar *)
 Get system characteristic variable bindings.
struct oval_sysitem_iteratoroval_syschar_get_sysitem (struct oval_syschar *)
 Get system characteristic data.

Data Fields

struct oval_syschar_modelmodel
oval_syschar_collection_flag_t flag
struct oval_collectionmessages
struct oval_objectobject
struct oval_collectionvariable_bindings
 Represents <variable_value> elements.
struct oval_collectionsysitem
 Represents <reference> elements.
int variable_instance
 Represents variable_instance attribute.
int variable_instance_hint
 Internal hint of the next possible variable_instance attribute.

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