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Public Member Functions | Data Fields
oval_definition Struct Reference

Oval definition specification. More...

#include <oval_definitions.h>

Public Member Functions

OSCAP_API struct oval_definitionoval_definition_new (struct oval_definition_model *, const char *id)
 Construct an instance of oval_definition. More...
OSCAP_API struct oval_definitionoval_definition_clone (struct oval_definition_model *new_model, struct oval_definition *old_definition)
 Clone instance of oval_definition and add it to the specified oval_definition_model. More...
OSCAP_API void oval_definition_free (struct oval_definition *)
 Release an instance of oval_definition. More...
OSCAP_API void oval_definition_set_version (struct oval_definition *, int version)
 Set attribute oval_definition->version. More...
OSCAP_API void oval_definition_set_class (struct oval_definition *, oval_definition_class_t)
 Set attribute oval_definition->class. More...
OSCAP_API void oval_definition_set_deprecated (struct oval_definition *, bool deprecated)
 Set attribute oval_definition->deprecated. More...
OSCAP_API void oval_definition_set_title (struct oval_definition *, char *title)
 Set attribute oval_definition->title. More...
OSCAP_API void oval_definition_set_description (struct oval_definition *, char *description)
 Set attribute oval_definition->description. More...
OSCAP_API void oval_definition_add_affected (struct oval_definition *, struct oval_affected *affected)
 Append instance of oval_affected to attribute oval_definition->affected. More...
OSCAP_API void oval_definition_add_reference (struct oval_definition *, struct oval_reference *reference)
 Append instance of oval_reference to attribute oval_definition->references. More...
OSCAP_API void oval_definition_add_note (struct oval_definition *, char *note)
 Append a copy of the note parameter to attribute Oval_definition->notes. More...
OSCAP_API void oval_definition_set_criteria (struct oval_definition *, struct oval_criteria_node *criteria)
 Set attribute oval_definition->criteria. More...
OSCAP_API char * oval_definition_get_id (struct oval_definition *)
 Returns attribute oval_definition->id (identifier).
OSCAP_API int oval_definition_get_version (struct oval_definition *)
 Returns attribute oval_definition->version. More...
OSCAP_API oval_definition_class_t oval_definition_get_class (struct oval_definition *)
 Returns attribute oval_definition->class.
OSCAP_API bool oval_definition_get_deprecated (struct oval_definition *)
 Returns attribute oval_definition->deprecated.
OSCAP_API char * oval_definition_get_title (struct oval_definition *)
 Returns attribute oval_definition->title. More...
OSCAP_API char * oval_definition_get_description (struct oval_definition *)
 Returns attribute oval_definition->description. More...
OSCAP_API struct
oval_definition_get_affected (struct oval_definition *)
 Returns attribute oval_definition->affected. More...
OSCAP_API struct
oval_definition_get_references (struct oval_definition *)
 Returns attribute oval_definition->references. More...
OSCAP_API struct
oval_definition_get_notes (struct oval_definition *)
 Returns attribute oval_definition->notes. More...
OSCAP_API struct
oval_definition_get_criteria (struct oval_definition *)
 Returns attribute oval_definition->criteria. More...

Data Fields

struct oval_definition_modelmodel
char * id
int version
oval_definition_class_t class
int deprecated
char * title
char * description
struct oval_collectionaffected
struct oval_collectionreference
struct oval_collectionnotes
char * anyxml
struct oval_criteria_nodecriteria

Detailed Description

Oval definition specification.

A definition is the key structure in OVAL. It is analogous to the logical sentence or proposition: if a computer's state matches the configuration parameters laid out in the criteria, then that computer exhibits the state described.

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