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Public Member Functions | Data Fields
cvrf_product_status Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

cvrf_product_status_type_t cvrf_product_status_get_type (struct cvrf_product_status *stat)
xmlNode * cvrf_product_status_to_dom (const struct cvrf_product_status *stat)
 Parent: ProductStatuses container in a CVRF Vulnerability element. More...
OSCAP_API struct
cvrf_product_status_new (void)
 New Status member of a ProductStatuses container within a Vulnerability element. More...
OSCAP_API void cvrf_product_status_free (struct cvrf_product_status *status)
 Deallocates memory for a Status element of the ProductStatuses container. More...
OSCAP_API struct
cvrf_product_status_clone (const struct cvrf_product_status *stat)
OSCAP_API struct
cvrf_product_status_get_ids (struct cvrf_product_status *stat)

Data Fields

cvrf_product_status_type_t type
struct oscap_stringlistproduct_ids

Member Function Documentation

cvrf_product_status_type_t cvrf_product_status_get_type ( struct cvrf_product_status stat)

Indicates the status of products with regards to a Vulnerability

statCVRF Status structure
Enum representing Type attribute of the Status element
xmlNode * cvrf_product_status_to_dom ( const struct cvrf_product_status stat)

Parent: ProductStatuses container in a CVRF Vulnerability element.

statCVRF Status structure to be exported to XML
xmlNode representing Status element

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