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oscap_stringlist Struct Reference

A collection of strings. More...

#include <oscap_text.h>

Public Member Functions


Return value is pointer to structure's member.

Do not free unless you null the pointer in the structure. Use remove function otherwise.

OSCAP_API struct oscap_string_iteratoroscap_stringlist_get_strings (const struct oscap_stringlist *list)
OSCAP_API struct oscap_stringlistoscap_stringlist_clone (struct oscap_stringlist *list)

For lists use add functions.

Parameters of set functions are duplicated in memory and need to be freed by caller.

OSCAP_API bool oscap_stringlist_add_string (struct oscap_stringlist *list, const char *str)
OSCAP_API struct oscap_stringlistoscap_stringlist_new (void)
OSCAP_API void oscap_stringlist_free (struct oscap_stringlist *list)

Detailed Description

A collection of strings.

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