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Public Member Functions | Data Fields
cvss_impact Struct Reference

CVSS impact. More...

#include <cvss_score.h>

Public Member Functions

OSCAP_API struct cvss_impactcvss_impact_new (void)
OSCAP_API struct cvss_impactcvss_impact_new_from_vector (const char *cvss_vector)
OSCAP_API struct cvss_impactcvss_impact_clone (const struct cvss_impact *impact)
OSCAP_API void cvss_impact_free (struct cvss_impact *impact)
OSCAP_API void cvss_impact_describe (const struct cvss_impact *impact, FILE *f)
 Write out a human-readable textual description of CVSS impact contents. More...
OSCAP_API struct cvss_metricscvss_impact_get_base_metrics (const struct cvss_impact *impact)
OSCAP_API struct cvss_metricscvss_impact_get_temporal_metrics (const struct cvss_impact *impact)
OSCAP_API struct cvss_metricscvss_impact_get_environmental_metrics (const struct cvss_impact *impact)
OSCAP_API bool cvss_impact_set_metrics (struct cvss_impact *impact, struct cvss_metrics *metrics)
 Set base, temporal, or environmental metrics (type is determined from the metrics itself) More...
OSCAP_API char * cvss_impact_to_vector (const struct cvss_impact *impact)
Score calculators

Functions to calculate CVSS score.

Functions return special float value of NAN on failure.

Particularly interesting are:

OSCAP_API float cvss_impact_base_exploitability_subscore (const struct cvss_impact *impact)
 Calculate exploitability subscore of base score. More...
OSCAP_API float cvss_impact_base_impact_subscore (const struct cvss_impact *impact)
 Calculate impact subscore of base score. More...
OSCAP_API float cvss_impact_base_score (const struct cvss_impact *impact)
 Calculate base score. More...
OSCAP_API float cvss_impact_temporal_multiplier (const struct cvss_impact *impact)
 Calculate temporal multiplier. More...
OSCAP_API float cvss_impact_temporal_score (const struct cvss_impact *impact)
 Calculate temporal score. More...
OSCAP_API float cvss_impact_base_adjusted_impact_subscore (const struct cvss_impact *impact)
 Calculate impact subscore of base score adjusted to particular environment. More...
OSCAP_API float cvss_impact_adjusted_base_score (const struct cvss_impact *impact)
 Calculate base score adjusted to particular environment. More...
OSCAP_API float cvss_impact_adjusted_temporal_score (const struct cvss_impact *impact)
 Calculate temporal score adjusted to particular environment. More...
OSCAP_API float cvss_impact_environmental_score (const struct cvss_impact *impact)
 Calculate environmental score. More...

Data Fields

struct cvss_metricsbase_metrics
struct cvss_metricstemporal_metrics
struct cvss_metricsenvironmental_metrics

Detailed Description

CVSS impact.

Contains a base metric and optionally temporal and/or environmental metric.

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