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Public Member Functions | Data Fields
cvrf_model Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

OSCAP_API struct cvrf_modelcvrf_model_new (void)
 New CVRF model. More...
OSCAP_API void cvrf_model_free (struct cvrf_model *cvrf)
 Deallocates memory for the CVRF Model structure and all its child elements. More...
OSCAP_API struct cvrf_modelcvrf_model_clone (const struct cvrf_model *model)
OSCAP_API int cvrf_model_filter_by_cpe (struct cvrf_model *model, const char *cpe)
 Removes all Branches, Relationships, and ProductIDs within Vulnerabilities that do no pertain to the provided CPE. More...
OSCAP_API const char * cvrf_model_get_doc_title (const struct cvrf_model *model)
OSCAP_API const char * cvrf_model_get_doc_type (const struct cvrf_model *model)
OSCAP_API bool cvrf_model_set_doc_title (struct cvrf_model *model, const char *doc_title)
OSCAP_API bool cvrf_model_set_doc_type (struct cvrf_model *model, const char *doc_type)
OSCAP_API struct
cvrf_model_get_product_tree (struct cvrf_model *model)
OSCAP_API struct cvrf_documentcvrf_model_get_document (const struct cvrf_model *model)
OSCAP_API const char * cvrf_model_get_identification (struct cvrf_model *model)
OSCAP_API bool cvrf_model_set_document (struct cvrf_model *model, struct cvrf_document *doc)
OSCAP_API struct
cvrf_vulnerability_iterator * 
cvrf_model_get_vulnerabilities (const struct cvrf_model *model)
OSCAP_API bool cvrf_model_add_vulnerability (struct cvrf_model *model, struct cvrf_vulnerability *vuln)
OSCAP_API const char * cvrf_model_supported (void)
 Get supported version of CVRF XML. More...
OSCAP_API struct cvrf_modelcvrf_model_import (struct oscap_source *source)
 Parses the specified XML file and creates a list of CVRF data structures. More...
OSCAP_API struct oscap_sourcecvrf_model_get_export_source (struct cvrf_model *model)
 Export CVRF Model to the export source as an XML doc. More...

Data Fields

char * doc_title
char * doc_type
struct cvrf_documentdocument
struct cvrf_product_treetree
struct oscap_listvulnerabilities

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