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Data Fields
_ftsent Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct _ftsentfts_cycle
struct _ftsentfts_parent
struct _ftsentfts_link
long fts_number
void * fts_pointer
char * fts_accpath
char * fts_path
int fts_errno
int fts_symfd
u_short fts_pathlen
u_short fts_namelen
ino_t fts_ino
dev_t fts_dev
nlink_t fts_nlink
short fts_level
u_short fts_info
u_short fts_flags
u_short fts_instr
struct stat * fts_statp
char fts_name [1]

Field Documentation

char* _ftsent::fts_accpath

access path

struct _ftsent* _ftsent::fts_cycle

cycle node

dev_t _ftsent::fts_dev


int _ftsent::fts_errno

errno for this node

u_short _ftsent::fts_flags

private flags for FTSENT structure

u_short _ftsent::fts_info

user flags for FTSENT structure

ino_t _ftsent::fts_ino


u_short _ftsent::fts_instr

fts_set() instructions

short _ftsent::fts_level

depth (-1 to N)

struct _ftsent* _ftsent::fts_link

next file in directory

char _ftsent::fts_name[1]

file name

u_short _ftsent::fts_namelen


nlink_t _ftsent::fts_nlink

link count

long _ftsent::fts_number

local numeric value

struct _ftsent* _ftsent::fts_parent

parent directory

char* _ftsent::fts_path

root path

u_short _ftsent::fts_pathlen


void* _ftsent::fts_pointer

local address value

struct stat* _ftsent::fts_statp

stat(2) information

int _ftsent::fts_symfd

fd for symlink

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