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oval_probe_session.h File Reference

Detailed Description

OVAL probe session API private header.

OVAL probe session API public header.

OVAL probe handler API public header.

"Daniel Kopecek"
#include "oval_probe_handler.h"
#include "oval_system_characteristics.h"

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typedef struct oval_probe_session oval_probe_session_t


oval_probe_session_toval_probe_session_new (struct oval_syschar_model *model)
 Create and initialize a new probe session. More...
void oval_probe_session_reinit (oval_probe_session_t *sess, struct oval_syschar_model *model)
 Reinitialize already allocated probe session inplace. More...
void oval_probe_session_destroy (oval_probe_session_t *sess)
 Destroy probe session. More...
int oval_probe_session_close (oval_probe_session_t *sess)
 Send a close request to all probes. More...
int oval_probe_session_reset (oval_probe_session_t *sess, struct oval_syschar_model *sysch)
 Reset the session. More...
int oval_probe_session_abort (oval_probe_session_t *sess)
 Abort the session.
int oval_probe_session_sethandler (oval_probe_session_t *sess, oval_subtype_t type, oval_probe_handler_t handler, void *ptr)
 Set a new handler for an object of the specified type. More...
struct oval_syschar_modeloval_probe_session_getmodel (oval_probe_session_t *sess)
 Get system characteristics model from probe session. More...