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oval_probe.h File Reference

Detailed Description

OVAL probe interface API public header.

"Daniel Kopecek"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "oval_definitions.h"
#include "oval_system_characteristics.h"
#include "oval_probe_session.h"

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#define OVAL_PROBE_H
#define OVAL_PDFLAG_NOREPLY   0x0001
 don't send probe result to library - just an ack
#define OVAL_PDFLAG_NORECONN   0x0002
 don't try to reconnect on fatal errors
#define OVAL_PDGLAG_RUNALL   0x0004
 execute all probes when executing the first
#define OVAL_PDFLAG_RUNNOW   0x0008
 execute all probes immediately
#define OVAL_PDFLAG_SLAVE   0x0010
#define OVAL_PDFLAG_MASK   (0x0001|0x0002|0x0004|0x0008|0x0010)
#define OVAL_PROBEMETA_LIST_VERBOSE   0x00000001
 Be verbose when listing supported probes.
#define OVAL_PROBEMETA_LIST_DYNAMIC   0x00000002
 Perform additional checks when listing supported probes (i.e. More...
#define OVAL_PROBEMETA_LIST_OTYPE   0x00000004
 Show the otype / family type of the probe.


int oval_probe_query_sysinfo (oval_probe_session_t *sess, struct oval_sysinfo **out_sysinfo) __attribute__((nonnull(1
 Evaluate system info probe. More...
int int oval_probe_query_object (oval_probe_session_t *psess, struct oval_object *object, int flags, struct oval_syschar **out_syschar) __attribute__((nonnull(1
 Evaluate an object. More...
int int int oval_probe_query_definition (oval_probe_session_t *sess, const char *id) __attribute__((nonnull(1
 Probe objects required for the evalatuation of the specified definition and update the system characteristics model associated with the session. More...
int int int int oval_probe_query_variable (oval_probe_session_t *sess, struct oval_variable *variable)
 Query the specified variable and all its dependencies in order to compute the vector of its values. More...
void oval_probe_meta_list (FILE *output, int flags)
const char * oval_probe_ext_getdir (void)