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oval_cmp_ip_address_impl.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language.

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#include "common/util.h"
#include "oval_definitions.h"
#include "oval_types.h"

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oval_result_t oval_ipaddr_cmp (int af, const char *s1, const char *s2, oval_operation_t op)
 Compare two IP address or address sets (CIDR). More...



Function Documentation

oval_result_t oval_ipaddr_cmp ( int  af,
const char *  s1,
const char *  s2,
oval_operation_t  op 

Compare two IP address or address sets (CIDR).

The format of input string shall conform to ipv4_address types from oval:SimpleDatatypeEnumeration. This operation is not commutative, be aware of the order of operands.

afInternet address family (AF_INET or AF_INET6)
s1ipv4 address as defined by state element
s2ipv4 address as captured from system (from syschar object)
optype of comparison operation
result of comparison as defined by OVAL specification