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xccdf_setvalue_iterator Struct Reference

Set value iterator. More...

#include <xccdf_benchmark.h>

Public Member Functions

OSCAP_API struct xccdf_setvaluexccdf_setvalue_iterator_next (struct xccdf_setvalue_iterator *it)
 Return the next xccdf_setvalue structure from the list and increment the iterator.
OSCAP_API bool xccdf_setvalue_iterator_has_more (struct xccdf_setvalue_iterator *it)
 Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
OSCAP_API void xccdf_setvalue_iterator_free (struct xccdf_setvalue_iterator *it)
 Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
OSCAP_API void xccdf_setvalue_iterator_reset (struct xccdf_setvalue_iterator *it)
 Reset the iterator structure (it will point to the first item in the list)

For lists use add functions.

Parameters of set functions are duplicated in memory and need to be freed by caller.

OSCAP_API void xccdf_setvalue_iterator_remove (struct xccdf_setvalue_iterator *it)

Detailed Description

Set value iterator.

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