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10 /*
11  * Copyright 2009--2014 Red Hat Inc., Durham, North Carolina.
12  * Copyright (C) 2010 Tresys Technology, LLC
13  * All Rights Reserved.
14  *
15  * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
16  * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
17  * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
18  * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
19  *
20  * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
21  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
23  * Lesser General Public License for more details.
24  *
25  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
26  * License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
27  * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
28  *
29  * Authors:
30  * Lukas Kuklinek <>
31  * Josh Adams <>
32  */
34 #ifndef XCCDF_H_
35 #define XCCDF_H_
37 #include <stdbool.h>
38 #include <time.h>
39 #include <oscap_reference.h>
40 #include <oscap_source.h>
41 #include <oscap.h>
42 #include "cpe_dict.h"
44 /*--------------------*\
45 | Enumerations |
46 \*--------------------*/
56 typedef enum {
57  XCCDF_BENCHMARK = 0x0100,
58  XCCDF_PROFILE = 0x0200,
59  XCCDF_RESULT = 0x0400,
60  XCCDF_RULE = 0x1000,
61  XCCDF_GROUP = 0x2000,
62  XCCDF_VALUE = 0x4000,
70 } xccdf_type_t;
73 typedef enum {
83 typedef enum {
93 typedef enum {
100 typedef enum {
111 typedef enum {
113  XCCDF_OPERATOR_OR = 0x0003,
117 typedef enum {
124 } xccdf_level_t;
127 typedef enum {
134 typedef enum {
138 } xccdf_role_t;
141 typedef enum {
155 typedef enum {
168 typedef enum {
183 enum {
184  OSCAP_PROFILE_MATCH_OK = 0, // successful profile ID match
185  OSCAP_PROFILE_NO_MATCH = 1, // no profile ID was matched
186  OSCAP_PROFILE_MULTIPLE_MATCHES = 2, // multiple profile IDs were matched
187 };
189 /*--------------------*\
190 | Typedefs |
191 \*--------------------*/
196 typedef float xccdf_numeric;
208 struct xccdf_profile;
214 struct xccdf_item;
220 struct xccdf_rule;
226 struct xccdf_group;
232 struct xccdf_value;
238 struct xccdf_result;
245 struct xccdf_tailoring;
247 /*--------------------*\
248 | Support structures |
249 \*--------------------*/
255 struct xccdf_notice;
261 struct xccdf_status;
267 struct xccdf_model;
273 struct xccdf_warning;
279 struct xccdf_select;
285 struct xccdf_setvalue;
291 struct xccdf_refine_value;
297 struct xccdf_refine_rule;
303 struct xccdf_ident;
309 struct xccdf_check;
320 struct xccdf_profile_note;
327 struct xccdf_check_import;
334 struct xccdf_check_export;
341 struct xccdf_fix;
348 struct xccdf_fixtext;
357 struct xccdf_value_instance;
364 struct xccdf_identity;
371 struct xccdf_instance;
378 struct xccdf_message;
385 struct xccdf_override;
392 struct xccdf_rule_result;
399 struct xccdf_score;
406 struct xccdf_target_fact;
635 struct xccdf_version_info;
638 const char* xccdf_version_info_get_version(const struct xccdf_version_info* v);
640 const char* xccdf_version_info_get_namespace_uri(const struct xccdf_version_info* v);
642 const char* xccdf_version_info_get_cpe_version(const struct xccdf_version_info* v);
652 OSCAP_DEPRECATED(char * xccdf_detect_version(const char* file));
654 /************************************************************/
657 void xccdf_item_free(struct xccdf_item *item);
660 struct xccdf_item * xccdf_item_clone(const struct xccdf_item * old_item);
676 struct xccdf_profile* xccdf_item_to_profile(struct xccdf_item* item);
684 struct xccdf_rule* xccdf_item_to_rule(struct xccdf_item* item);
692 struct xccdf_group* xccdf_item_to_group(struct xccdf_item* item);
700 struct xccdf_value* xccdf_item_to_value(struct xccdf_item* item);
708 struct xccdf_result* xccdf_item_to_result(struct xccdf_item* item);
719 OSCAP_DEPRECATED(struct xccdf_benchmark* xccdf_benchmark_import(const char *file));
735 int xccdf_benchmark_export(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, const char *file);
742 struct oscap_source *xccdf_benchmark_export_source(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, const char *filename);
756 void xccdf_result_fill_sysinfo(struct xccdf_result *result);
766 OSCAP_DEPRECATED(int xccdf_result_export(struct xccdf_result *result, const char *file));
773 struct oscap_source *xccdf_result_export_source(struct xccdf_result *result, const char *filepath);
780 struct oscap_source *xccdf_result_stig_viewer_export_source(struct xccdf_result *result, const char *filepath);
788 bool xccdf_benchmark_resolve(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
793 void xccdf_benchmark_free(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
797 struct xccdf_benchmark * xccdf_benchmark_clone( const struct xccdf_benchmark * benchmark );
804 const char * xccdf_benchmark_supported(void);
810 struct xccdf_profile *xccdf_profile_new(void);
812 void xccdf_profile_free(struct xccdf_item *prof);
814 struct xccdf_item *xccdf_profile_to_item(struct xccdf_profile *item);
816 struct xccdf_profile * xccdf_profile_clone( const struct xccdf_profile * profile);
819 struct xccdf_rule *xccdf_rule_new(void);
821 void xccdf_rule_free(struct xccdf_item *rule);
823 struct xccdf_item *xccdf_rule_to_item(struct xccdf_rule *item);
825 struct xccdf_rule * xccdf_rule_clone(const struct xccdf_rule * rule);
828 struct xccdf_group *xccdf_group_new(void);
830 void xccdf_group_free(struct xccdf_item *group);
832 struct xccdf_item *xccdf_group_to_item(struct xccdf_group *item);
834 struct xccdf_group * xccdf_group_clone(const struct xccdf_group * group);
839 void xccdf_value_free(struct xccdf_item *val);
841 struct xccdf_item *xccdf_value_to_item(struct xccdf_value *item);
843 struct xccdf_value * xccdf_value_clone(const struct xccdf_value * value);
846 struct xccdf_status *xccdf_status_new(void);
848 struct xccdf_status * xccdf_status_clone(const struct xccdf_status * old_status);
850 struct xccdf_status *xccdf_status_new_fill(const char *status, const char *date);
852 void xccdf_status_free(struct xccdf_status *status);
854 struct xccdf_notice *xccdf_notice_new(void);
856 void xccdf_notice_free(struct xccdf_notice *notice);
858 struct xccdf_notice * xccdf_notice_clone(const struct xccdf_notice * notice);
861 struct xccdf_model *xccdf_model_new(void);
863 struct xccdf_model * xccdf_model_clone(const struct xccdf_model * old_model);
865 void xccdf_model_free(struct xccdf_model *model);
868 struct xccdf_ident *xccdf_ident_new(void);
870 struct xccdf_ident *xccdf_ident_new_fill(const char *id, const char *sys);
872 struct xccdf_ident *xccdf_ident_clone(const struct xccdf_ident * ident);
874 void xccdf_ident_free(struct xccdf_ident *ident);
878 struct xccdf_check *xccdf_check_new(void);
880 void xccdf_check_free(struct xccdf_check *check);
883 struct xccdf_check *xccdf_check_clone(const struct xccdf_check *old_check);
885 struct xccdf_check_import *xccdf_check_import_clone(const struct xccdf_check_import *old_import);
887 struct xccdf_check_export *xccdf_check_export_clone(const struct xccdf_check_export *old_export);
912 struct xccdf_fix *xccdf_fix_new(void);
914 struct xccdf_fix *xccdf_fix_clone(const struct xccdf_fix *old_fix);
916 void xccdf_fix_free(struct xccdf_fix *item);
919 struct xccdf_fixtext *xccdf_fixtext_new(void);
921 struct xccdf_fixtext * xccdf_fixtext_clone(const struct xccdf_fixtext * fixtext);
923 void xccdf_fixtext_free(struct xccdf_fixtext *item);
926 void xccdf_select_free(struct xccdf_select *sel);
928 struct xccdf_select *xccdf_select_clone(const struct xccdf_select * select);
930 struct xccdf_select *xccdf_select_new(void);
933 struct xccdf_warning *xccdf_warning_new(void);
935 struct xccdf_warning *xccdf_warning_clone(const struct xccdf_warning *old_warning);
937 void xccdf_warning_free(struct xccdf_warning * warn);
940 void xccdf_refine_rule_free(struct xccdf_refine_rule *obj);
945 void xccdf_setvalue_free(struct xccdf_setvalue *sv);
950 void xccdf_tailoring_free(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring);
952 int xccdf_tailoring_export(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *file, const struct xccdf_version_info *version_info);
958 OSCAP_DEPRECATED(void xccdf_cleanup(void));
965 struct xccdf_group *xccdf_benchmark_append_new_group(struct xccdf_benchmark *, const char *id);
979 struct xccdf_rule *xccdf_benchmark_append_new_rule(struct xccdf_benchmark *, const char *id);
990 const char *xccdf_benchmark_match_profile_id(struct xccdf_benchmark *bench, const char *profile_suffix, int *match_status);
1001 const char *xccdf_tailoring_match_profile_id(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *profile_suffix, int *match_status);
1006 struct xccdf_plain_text *xccdf_plain_text_new_fill(const char *id, const char *text);
1008 void xccdf_plain_text_free(struct xccdf_plain_text *plain);
1010 struct xccdf_plain_text *xccdf_plain_text_clone(const struct xccdf_plain_text * pt);
1013 struct xccdf_result *xccdf_result_new(void);
1015 void xccdf_result_free(struct xccdf_result *item);
1017 struct xccdf_item *xccdf_result_to_item(struct xccdf_result *item);
1019 struct xccdf_result * xccdf_result_clone(const struct xccdf_result * result);
1024 struct xccdf_rule_result * xccdf_rule_result_clone(const struct xccdf_rule_result * result);
1026 void xccdf_rule_result_free(struct xccdf_rule_result *rr);
1029 struct xccdf_identity *xccdf_identity_new(void);
1031 struct xccdf_identity * xccdf_identity_clone(const struct xccdf_identity * identity);
1033 void xccdf_identity_free(struct xccdf_identity *identity);
1036 struct xccdf_score *xccdf_score_new(void);
1038 struct xccdf_score * xccdf_score_clone(const struct xccdf_score * score);
1040 void xccdf_score_free(struct xccdf_score *score);
1043 struct xccdf_override *xccdf_override_new(void);
1045 struct xccdf_override * xccdf_override_clone(const struct xccdf_override * override);
1047 void xccdf_override_free(struct xccdf_override *oride);
1050 struct xccdf_message *xccdf_message_new(void);
1052 struct xccdf_message * xccdf_message_clone(const struct xccdf_message * message);
1054 void xccdf_message_free(struct xccdf_message *msg);
1059 struct xccdf_target_fact * xccdf_target_fact_clone(const struct xccdf_target_fact * tf);
1061 void xccdf_target_fact_free(struct xccdf_target_fact *fact);
1071 struct xccdf_instance *xccdf_instance_new(void);
1073 struct xccdf_instance * xccdf_instance_clone(const struct xccdf_instance * instance);
1075 void xccdf_instance_free(struct xccdf_instance *inst);
1080 /************************************************************/
1744 /************************************************************
1745  ** @} End of Iterators group */
1747 /************************************************************/
1758 xccdf_type_t xccdf_item_get_type(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1762 const char *xccdf_item_get_id(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1766 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_item_get_title(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1770 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_item_get_description(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1774 const char *xccdf_item_get_version(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1778 const char *xccdf_item_get_extends(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1782 struct xccdf_status_iterator *xccdf_item_get_statuses(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1786 struct oscap_reference_iterator *xccdf_item_get_dc_statuses(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1790 struct oscap_reference_iterator *xccdf_item_get_references(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1794 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_item_get_conflicts(const struct xccdf_item* item);
1798 struct oscap_stringlist_iterator *xccdf_item_get_requires(const struct xccdf_item* item);
1802 struct xccdf_status * xccdf_item_get_current_status(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1806 bool xccdf_item_get_hidden(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1810 bool xccdf_item_get_selected(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1814 bool xccdf_item_get_prohibit_changes(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1818 bool xccdf_item_get_abstract(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1822 struct xccdf_item_iterator *xccdf_item_get_content(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1826 const char * xccdf_test_result_type_get_text(xccdf_test_result_type_t id);
1830 struct xccdf_rule_result * xccdf_result_get_rule_result_by_id(struct xccdf_result * result, const char * id);
1837 struct xccdf_item *xccdf_item_get_parent(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1848 const struct xccdf_version_info* xccdf_item_get_schema_version(struct xccdf_item* item);
1853 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_item_get_metadata(const struct xccdf_item *item);
1858 struct xccdf_profile *xccdf_benchmark_get_profile_by_id(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, const char *profile_id);
1862 const char *xccdf_benchmark_get_id(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1866 bool xccdf_benchmark_get_resolved(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1870 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_benchmark_get_title(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1874 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_benchmark_get_description(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1878 const char *xccdf_benchmark_get_version(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1882 const struct xccdf_version_info* xccdf_benchmark_get_schema_version(const struct xccdf_benchmark* item);
1886 const char *xccdf_benchmark_get_style(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1890 const char *xccdf_benchmark_get_style_href(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1894 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_benchmark_get_front_matter(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1898 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_benchmark_get_rear_matter(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1902 struct xccdf_status_iterator *xccdf_benchmark_get_statuses(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1906 struct oscap_reference_iterator *xccdf_benchmark_get_dc_statuses(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1910 struct oscap_reference_iterator *xccdf_benchmark_get_references(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1914 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_benchmark_get_platforms(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1918 struct xccdf_status * xccdf_benchmark_get_status_current(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1922 struct xccdf_plain_text_iterator *xccdf_benchmark_get_plain_texts(const struct xccdf_benchmark *item);
1926 struct xccdf_result_iterator* xccdf_benchmark_get_results(const struct xccdf_benchmark *bench);
1930 struct xccdf_value_iterator *xccdf_benchmark_get_values(const struct xccdf_benchmark *item);
1932 bool xccdf_benchmark_set_lang(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval);
1934 const char *xccdf_benchmark_get_lang(const struct xccdf_benchmark *item);
1943 const char *xccdf_benchmark_get_plain_text(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, const char *id);
1952 struct xccdf_item *xccdf_benchmark_get_item(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, const char *id);
1961 struct xccdf_item *xccdf_benchmark_get_member(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, xccdf_type_t type, const char *key);
1968 struct xccdf_notice_iterator *xccdf_benchmark_get_notices(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1975 struct xccdf_model_iterator *xccdf_benchmark_get_models(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1991 struct xccdf_item_iterator *xccdf_benchmark_get_content(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
1996 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_benchmark_get_metadata(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
2001 struct cpe_dict_model *xccdf_benchmark_get_cpe_list(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
2006 struct cpe_lang_model *xccdf_benchmark_get_cpe_lang_model(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
2011 const char *xccdf_profile_get_id(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2015 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_profile_get_title(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2019 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_profile_get_description(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2023 const char *xccdf_profile_get_version(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2027 const char *xccdf_profile_get_extends(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2031 struct xccdf_benchmark *xccdf_profile_get_benchmark(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2035 bool xccdf_profile_get_abstract(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2039 bool xccdf_profile_get_prohibit_changes(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2043 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_profile_get_platforms(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2047 struct xccdf_status_iterator *xccdf_profile_get_statuses(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2051 struct oscap_reference_iterator *xccdf_profile_get_dc_statuses(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2055 struct oscap_reference_iterator *xccdf_profile_get_references(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2059 struct xccdf_status * xccdf_profile_get_status_current(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2063 struct xccdf_select_iterator *xccdf_profile_get_selects(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2067 struct xccdf_setvalue_iterator *xccdf_profile_get_setvalues(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2071 struct xccdf_refine_value_iterator *xccdf_profile_get_refine_values(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2075 struct xccdf_refine_rule_iterator *xccdf_profile_get_refine_rules(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2079 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_profile_get_metadata(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2086 struct xccdf_item *xccdf_rule_get_parent(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2091 const char *xccdf_rule_get_id(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2095 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_title(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2099 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_description(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2103 const char *xccdf_rule_get_version(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2107 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_question(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2111 struct xccdf_warning_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_warnings(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2115 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_rationale(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2119 const char *xccdf_rule_get_cluster_id(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2123 float xccdf_rule_get_weight(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2127 bool xccdf_rule_set_weight(struct xccdf_rule *item, xccdf_numeric newval);
2131 const char *xccdf_rule_get_extends(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2135 bool xccdf_rule_get_abstract(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2139 bool xccdf_rule_get_prohibit_changes(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2143 bool xccdf_rule_get_hidden(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2147 bool xccdf_rule_get_selected(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2151 bool xccdf_rule_get_multiple(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2155 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_platforms(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2159 struct xccdf_status_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_statuses(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2163 struct oscap_reference_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_dc_statuses(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2167 struct oscap_reference_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_references(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2171 struct xccdf_status * xccdf_rule_get_status_current(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2175 const char *xccdf_rule_get_impact_metric(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2179 xccdf_role_t xccdf_rule_get_role(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2183 xccdf_level_t xccdf_rule_get_severity(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2187 struct xccdf_ident_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_idents(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2191 struct xccdf_check_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_checks(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2195 struct xccdf_profile_note_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_profile_notes(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2199 struct xccdf_fix_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_fixes(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2203 struct xccdf_fixtext_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_fixtexts(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2207 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_conflicts(const struct xccdf_rule* rule);
2211 struct oscap_stringlist_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_requires(const struct xccdf_rule* rule);
2215 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_rule_get_metadata(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2217 /*
2218  * Return group's parent in the grouping hierarchy.
2219  * Returned item will be either a group or a benchmark.
2220  * @memberof xccdf_group
2221  */
2222 struct xccdf_item *xccdf_group_get_parent(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2231 struct xccdf_item_iterator *xccdf_group_get_content(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2234 struct xccdf_value_iterator *xccdf_group_get_values(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2237 const char *xccdf_group_get_id(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2239 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_group_get_title(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2241 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_group_get_description(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2243 const char *xccdf_group_get_version(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2245 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_group_get_question(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2247 struct xccdf_warning_iterator *xccdf_group_get_warnings(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2249 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_group_get_rationale(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2251 const char *xccdf_group_get_cluster_id(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2253 float xccdf_group_get_weight(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2255 bool xccdf_group_set_weight(struct xccdf_group *item, xccdf_numeric newval);
2257 const char *xccdf_group_get_extends(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2259 bool xccdf_group_get_abstract(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2261 bool xccdf_group_get_prohibit_changes(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2263 bool xccdf_group_get_hidden(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2265 bool xccdf_group_get_selected(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2267 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_group_get_platforms(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2269 struct xccdf_status_iterator *xccdf_group_get_statuses(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2271 struct oscap_reference_iterator *xccdf_group_get_dc_statuses(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2273 struct oscap_reference_iterator *xccdf_group_get_references(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2275 struct xccdf_status * xccdf_group_get_status_current(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2277 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_group_get_conflicts(const struct xccdf_group* group);
2281 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_group_get_metadata(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2284 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_value_get_title(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2286 const char *xccdf_value_get_id(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2288 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_value_get_description(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2290 const char *xccdf_value_get_extends(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2292 bool xccdf_value_get_abstract(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2294 bool xccdf_value_get_prohibit_changes(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2296 bool xccdf_value_get_hidden(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2298 bool xccdf_value_get_interactive(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2300 struct xccdf_status_iterator *xccdf_value_get_statuses(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2302 struct oscap_reference_iterator *xccdf_value_get_dc_statuses(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2304 struct oscap_reference_iterator *xccdf_value_get_references(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2306 struct xccdf_status * xccdf_value_get_status_current(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2314 struct xccdf_value_instance *xccdf_value_get_instance_by_selector(const struct xccdf_value *value, const char *selector);
2316 bool xccdf_value_add_instance(struct xccdf_value *value, struct xccdf_value_instance *instance);
2320 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_value_get_metadata(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2327 const char *xccdf_value_instance_get_selector(const struct xccdf_value_instance *item);
2329 bool xccdf_value_instance_set_selector(struct xccdf_value_instance *obj, const char *newval);
2335 bool xccdf_value_instance_set_must_match(struct xccdf_value_instance *obj, bool newval);
2339 bool xccdf_value_instance_set_value_boolean(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst, bool newval);
2345 const char *xccdf_value_instance_get_value_string(const struct xccdf_value_instance *inst);
2347 bool xccdf_value_instance_set_value_string(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst, const char *newval);
2351 bool xccdf_value_instance_set_defval_boolean(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst, bool newval);
2357 const char *xccdf_value_instance_get_defval_string(const struct xccdf_value_instance *inst);
2359 bool xccdf_value_instance_set_defval_string(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst, const char *newval);
2369 const char *xccdf_value_instance_get_match(const struct xccdf_value_instance *inst);
2371 bool xccdf_value_instance_set_match(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst, const char *newval);
2373 const char * xccdf_value_instance_get_value(const struct xccdf_value_instance * val);
2380 struct xccdf_item *xccdf_value_get_parent(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2384 time_t xccdf_status_get_date(const struct xccdf_status *status);
2391 const char *xccdf_notice_get_id(const struct xccdf_notice *notice);
2393 struct oscap_text *xccdf_notice_get_text(const struct xccdf_notice *notice);
2395 const char *xccdf_model_get_system(const struct xccdf_model *model);
2397 const char *xccdf_ident_get_id(const struct xccdf_ident *ident);
2399 const char *xccdf_ident_get_system(const struct xccdf_ident *ident);
2401 const char *xccdf_check_get_id(const struct xccdf_check *check);
2408 bool xccdf_check_get_complex(const struct xccdf_check *check);
2417 const char *xccdf_check_get_system(const struct xccdf_check *check);
2419 const char *xccdf_check_get_selector(const struct xccdf_check *check);
2421 const char *xccdf_check_get_content(const struct xccdf_check *check);
2423 bool xccdf_check_get_multicheck(const struct xccdf_check *check);
2425 bool xccdf_check_get_negate(const struct xccdf_check *check);
2427 //struct xccdf_rule *xccdf_check_get_parent(const struct xccdf_check *check);
2433 struct xccdf_check_iterator *xccdf_check_get_children(const struct xccdf_check *check);
2436 const char *xccdf_check_content_ref_get_href(const struct xccdf_check_content_ref *ref);
2438 const char *xccdf_check_content_ref_get_name(const struct xccdf_check_content_ref *ref);
2440 const char *xccdf_profile_note_get_reftag(const struct xccdf_profile_note *note);
2442 struct oscap_text *xccdf_profile_note_get_text(const struct xccdf_profile_note *note);
2444 const char *xccdf_check_import_get_name(const struct xccdf_check_import *item);
2446 const char *xccdf_check_import_get_xpath(const struct xccdf_check_import *item);
2448 const char *xccdf_check_import_get_content(const struct xccdf_check_import *item);
2450 const char *xccdf_check_export_get_value(const struct xccdf_check_export *item);
2452 const char *xccdf_check_export_get_name(const struct xccdf_check_export *item);
2455 const char *xccdf_fix_get_content(const struct xccdf_fix *fix);
2457 bool xccdf_fix_get_reboot(const struct xccdf_fix *fix);
2465 const char *xccdf_fix_get_id(const struct xccdf_fix *fix);
2467 const char *xccdf_fix_get_system(const struct xccdf_fix *fix);
2469 const char *xccdf_fix_get_platform(const struct xccdf_fix *fix);
2471 bool xccdf_fixtext_get_reboot(const struct xccdf_fixtext *fixtext);
2479 const char *xccdf_fixtext_get_fixref(const struct xccdf_fixtext *fixtext);
2481 struct oscap_text *xccdf_fixtext_get_text(const struct xccdf_fixtext *fixtext);
2483 const char *xccdf_value_get_version(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2485 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_value_get_question(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2487 struct xccdf_warning_iterator *xccdf_value_get_warnings(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2489 const char *xccdf_value_get_version_update(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2491 const char *xccdf_value_get_version_time(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2493 struct xccdf_benchmark *xccdf_value_get_benchmark(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2495 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_value_get_sources(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2497 const char *xccdf_value_get_cluster_id(const struct xccdf_value *value);
2500 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_item_get_question(const struct xccdf_item *item);
2502 struct xccdf_warning_iterator *xccdf_item_get_warnings(const struct xccdf_item *item);
2504 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_item_get_rationale(const struct xccdf_item *item);
2506 const char *xccdf_item_get_cluster_id(const struct xccdf_item *item);
2508 const char *xccdf_item_get_version_update(const struct xccdf_item *item);
2510 const char *xccdf_item_get_version_time(const struct xccdf_item *item);
2512 float xccdf_item_get_weight(const struct xccdf_item *item);
2514 struct xccdf_benchmark *xccdf_item_get_benchmark(const struct xccdf_item *item);
2516 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_item_get_platforms(const struct xccdf_item *item);
2521 const char *xccdf_benchmark_get_version_update(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
2523 const char *xccdf_benchmark_get_version_time(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
2526 const char *xccdf_profile_get_version_update(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2528 const char *xccdf_profile_get_version_time(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2530 bool xccdf_profile_get_tailoring(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2532 const char *xccdf_profile_get_note_tag(const struct xccdf_profile *profile);
2535 const char *xccdf_rule_get_version_update(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2537 const char *xccdf_rule_get_version_time(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2539 struct xccdf_benchmark *xccdf_rule_get_benchmark(const struct xccdf_rule *rule);
2542 const char *xccdf_group_get_version_time(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2544 const char *xccdf_group_get_version_update(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2546 struct xccdf_benchmark *xccdf_group_get_benchmark(const struct xccdf_group *group);
2556 bool xccdf_select_get_selected(const struct xccdf_select *select);
2558 const char *xccdf_select_get_item(const struct xccdf_select *select);
2560 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_select_get_remarks(const struct xccdf_select *select);
2565 struct oscap_text *xccdf_warning_get_text(const struct xccdf_warning *warning);
2567 const char * xccdf_refine_rule_get_item(const struct xccdf_refine_rule* rr);
2569 const char * xccdf_refine_rule_get_selector(const struct xccdf_refine_rule* rr);
2579 bool xccdf_refine_rule_weight_defined(const struct xccdf_refine_rule *item);
2581 const char * xccdf_refine_value_get_item(const struct xccdf_refine_value* rv);
2583 const char * xccdf_refine_value_get_selector(const struct xccdf_refine_value* rv);
2589 const char *xccdf_setvalue_get_item(const struct xccdf_setvalue* sv);
2591 const char *xccdf_setvalue_get_value(const struct xccdf_setvalue* sv);
2594 const char *xccdf_plain_text_get_id(const struct xccdf_plain_text *item);
2596 const char *xccdf_plain_text_get_text(const struct xccdf_plain_text *item);
2599 struct xccdf_benchmark *xccdf_result_get_benchmark(const struct xccdf_result *item);
2601 const char *xccdf_result_get_id(const struct xccdf_result *item);
2603 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_result_get_title(const struct xccdf_result *item);
2605 const char *xccdf_result_get_version(const struct xccdf_result *item);
2611 const char *xccdf_result_get_test_system(const struct xccdf_result *item);
2613 const char *xccdf_result_get_benchmark_uri(const struct xccdf_result *item);
2615 const char *xccdf_result_get_profile(const struct xccdf_result *item);
2619 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_result_get_targets(const struct xccdf_result *item);
2627 struct oscap_text_iterator *xccdf_result_get_remarks(const struct xccdf_result *item);
2637 struct xccdf_score_iterator *xccdf_result_get_scores(const struct xccdf_result *item);
2639 const char * xccdf_result_get_start_time(const struct xccdf_result *item);
2641 const char * xccdf_result_get_end_time(const struct xccdf_result *item);
2643 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_result_get_metadata(const struct xccdf_result *result);
2655 bool xccdf_rule_result_override(struct xccdf_rule_result *rule_result, xccdf_test_result_type_t new_result, const char *time, const char *authority, struct oscap_text *remark);
2658 const char * xccdf_rule_result_get_time(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item);
2662 float xccdf_rule_result_get_weight(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item);
2668 const char *xccdf_rule_result_get_version(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item);
2670 const char *xccdf_rule_result_get_idref(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item);
2684 bool xccdf_identity_get_authenticated(const struct xccdf_identity *item);
2686 bool xccdf_identity_get_privileged(const struct xccdf_identity *item);
2688 const char *xccdf_identity_get_name(const struct xccdf_identity *item);
2692 xccdf_numeric xccdf_score_get_score(const struct xccdf_score *item);
2694 const char *xccdf_score_get_system(const struct xccdf_score *item);
2696 const char *xccdf_override_get_time(const struct xccdf_override *item);
2702 const char *xccdf_override_get_authority(const struct xccdf_override *item);
2704 struct oscap_text *xccdf_override_get_remark(const struct xccdf_override *item);
2708 const char *xccdf_message_get_content(const struct xccdf_message *item);
2712 const char *xccdf_target_fact_get_value(const struct xccdf_target_fact *item);
2714 const char *xccdf_target_fact_get_name(const struct xccdf_target_fact *item);
2718 const char *xccdf_target_identifier_get_system(const struct xccdf_target_identifier *item);
2720 const char *xccdf_target_identifier_get_href(const struct xccdf_target_identifier *item);
2722 const char *xccdf_target_identifier_get_name(const struct xccdf_target_identifier *item);
2724 const char *xccdf_instance_get_context(const struct xccdf_instance *item);
2726 const char *xccdf_instance_get_parent_context(const struct xccdf_instance *item);
2728 const char *xccdf_instance_get_content(const struct xccdf_instance *item);
2730 struct xccdf_tailoring *xccdf_tailoring_import_source(struct oscap_source *source, struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
2731 /*
2732  * @memberof xccdf_tailoring
2733  * @deprecated This function has been deprecated by @ref xccdf_tailoring_import_source.
2734  * This function may be dropped from later versions of the library.
2735  */
2736 OSCAP_DEPRECATED(struct xccdf_tailoring *xccdf_tailoring_import(const char *file, struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark));
2739 const char *xccdf_tailoring_get_id(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring);
2741 const char *xccdf_tailoring_get_version(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring);
2743 const char *xccdf_tailoring_get_version_update(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring);
2745 const char *xccdf_tailoring_get_version_time(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring);
2747 const char *xccdf_tailoring_get_benchmark_ref(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring);
2749 const char *xccdf_tailoring_get_benchmark_ref_version(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring);
2751 struct oscap_string_iterator *xccdf_tailoring_get_metadata(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring);
2755 struct xccdf_status_iterator *xccdf_tailoring_get_statuses(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring);
2757 struct oscap_reference_iterator *xccdf_tailoring_get_dc_statuses(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring);
2765 struct xccdf_profile *xccdf_tailoring_get_profile_by_id(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *profile_id);
2767 /************************************************************
2768  ** @} End of Getters group */
2770 /************************************************************/
2778 bool xccdf_item_set_weight(struct xccdf_item *item, xccdf_numeric newval);
2781 bool xccdf_item_set_id(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *newval);
2783 bool xccdf_item_set_cluster_id(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *newval);
2785 bool xccdf_item_set_extends(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *newval);
2787 bool xccdf_item_set_version(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *newval);
2789 bool xccdf_item_set_version_time(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *newval);
2791 bool xccdf_item_set_version_update(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *newval);
2793 bool xccdf_item_set_abstract(struct xccdf_item *item, bool newval);
2795 bool xccdf_item_set_hidden(struct xccdf_item *item, bool newval);
2797 bool xccdf_item_set_prohibit_changes(struct xccdf_item *item, bool newval);
2799 bool xccdf_item_set_selected(struct xccdf_item *item, bool newval);
2802 bool xccdf_item_add_metadata(struct xccdf_item *item, const char* metadata);
2805 bool xccdf_benchmark_set_resolved(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, bool newval);
2808 bool xccdf_benchmark_set_style_href(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval);
2810 bool xccdf_benchmark_set_style(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval);
2812 bool xccdf_benchmark_set_id(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval);
2814 bool xccdf_benchmark_set_version(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval);
2816 bool xccdf_benchmark_set_version_time(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval);
2818 bool xccdf_benchmark_set_version_update(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval);
2820 bool xccdf_benchmark_set_schema_version(struct xccdf_benchmark* item, const struct xccdf_version_info* newval);
2822 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_metadata(struct xccdf_benchmark* item, const char* metadata);
2824 bool xccdf_benchmark_set_cpe_list(struct xccdf_benchmark* item, struct cpe_dict_model* cpe_list);
2828 bool xccdf_profile_set_note_tag(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *newval);
2830 bool xccdf_profile_set_id(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *newval);
2832 bool xccdf_profile_set_abstract(struct xccdf_profile *item, bool newval);
2834 bool xccdf_profile_set_prohibit_changes(struct xccdf_profile *item, bool newval);
2836 bool xccdf_profile_set_extends(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *newval);
2838 bool xccdf_profile_set_version(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *newval);
2840 bool xccdf_profile_set_version_time(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *newval);
2842 bool xccdf_profile_set_version_update(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *newval);
2844 bool xccdf_profile_set_tailoring(struct xccdf_profile *item, bool tailoring);
2846 bool xccdf_profile_add_metadata(struct xccdf_profile* item, const char* metadata);
2849 bool xccdf_rule_set_id(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval);
2851 bool xccdf_rule_set_cluster_id(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval);
2853 bool xccdf_rule_set_extends(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval);
2855 bool xccdf_rule_set_version(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval);
2857 bool xccdf_rule_set_version_time(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval);
2859 bool xccdf_rule_set_version_update(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval);
2861 bool xccdf_rule_set_abstract(struct xccdf_rule *item, bool newval);
2863 bool xccdf_rule_set_hidden(struct xccdf_rule *item, bool newval);
2865 bool xccdf_rule_set_prohibit_changes(struct xccdf_rule *item, bool newval);
2867 bool xccdf_rule_set_selected(struct xccdf_rule *item, bool newval);
2869 bool xccdf_rule_set_multiple(struct xccdf_rule *item, bool newval);
2871 //bool xccdf_rule_set_selector(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char * selector);
2873 bool xccdf_rule_set_impact_metric(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval);
2875 bool xccdf_rule_set_role(struct xccdf_rule *item, xccdf_role_t newval);
2877 bool xccdf_rule_set_severity(struct xccdf_rule *item, xccdf_level_t newval);
2879 bool xccdf_rule_add_metadata(struct xccdf_rule* item, const char* metadata);
2882 bool xccdf_group_set_id(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *newval);
2884 bool xccdf_group_set_cluster_id(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *newval);
2886 bool xccdf_group_set_extends(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *newval);
2888 bool xccdf_group_set_version(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *newval);
2890 bool xccdf_group_set_version_time(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *newval);
2892 bool xccdf_group_set_version_update(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *newval);
2894 bool xccdf_group_set_abstract(struct xccdf_group *item, bool newval);
2896 bool xccdf_group_set_hidden(struct xccdf_group *item, bool newval);
2898 bool xccdf_group_set_prohibit_changes(struct xccdf_group *item, bool newval);
2900 bool xccdf_group_set_selected(struct xccdf_group *item, bool newval);
2902 bool xccdf_group_add_metadata(struct xccdf_group* item, const char* metadata);
2905 bool xccdf_value_set_id(struct xccdf_value *item, const char *newval);
2907 bool xccdf_value_set_cluster_id(struct xccdf_value *item, const char *newval);
2909 bool xccdf_value_set_extends(struct xccdf_value *item, const char *newval);
2911 bool xccdf_value_set_version(struct xccdf_value *item, const char *newval);
2913 bool xccdf_value_set_version_time(struct xccdf_value *item, const char *newval);
2915 bool xccdf_value_set_version_update(struct xccdf_value *item, const char *newval);
2917 bool xccdf_value_set_abstract(struct xccdf_value *item, bool newval);
2919 bool xccdf_value_set_hidden(struct xccdf_value *item, bool newval);
2921 bool xccdf_value_set_multiple(struct xccdf_value *item, bool newval);
2923 bool xccdf_value_set_prohibit_changes(struct xccdf_value *item, bool newval);
2925 bool xccdf_value_set_oper(struct xccdf_value * item, xccdf_operator_t oper);
2927 bool xccdf_value_set_interactive(struct xccdf_value *item, bool newval);
2929 bool xccdf_value_add_metadata(struct xccdf_value* item, const char* metadata);
2932 bool xccdf_status_set_date(struct xccdf_status *obj, time_t newval);
2934 bool xccdf_status_set_status(struct xccdf_status *obj, xccdf_status_type_t newval);
2937 bool xccdf_notice_set_id(struct xccdf_notice *obj, const char *newval);
2939 bool xccdf_notice_set_text(struct xccdf_notice *obj, struct oscap_text *newval);
2942 bool xccdf_model_set_system(struct xccdf_model *obj, const char *newval);
2945 bool xccdf_check_set_id(struct xccdf_check *obj, const char *newval);
2947 bool xccdf_check_set_system(struct xccdf_check *obj, const char *newval);
2949 bool xccdf_check_set_selector(struct xccdf_check *obj, const char *newval);
2951 bool xccdf_check_set_content(struct xccdf_check *obj, const char *newval);
2953 bool xccdf_check_set_oper(struct xccdf_check *obj, xccdf_bool_operator_t newval);
2955 bool xccdf_check_set_multicheck(struct xccdf_check *obj, bool newval);
2957 bool xccdf_check_set_negate(struct xccdf_check *obj, bool newval);
2960 bool xccdf_check_content_ref_set_name(struct xccdf_check_content_ref *obj, const char *newval);
2962 bool xccdf_check_content_ref_set_href(struct xccdf_check_content_ref *obj, const char *newval);
2965 bool xccdf_profile_note_set_reftag(struct xccdf_profile_note *obj, const char *newval);
2967 bool xccdf_profile_note_set_text(struct xccdf_profile_note *obj, struct oscap_text *newval);
2970 bool xccdf_check_import_set_name(struct xccdf_check_import *obj, const char *newval);
2972 bool xccdf_check_import_set_xpath(struct xccdf_check_import *obj, const char *newval);
2974 bool xccdf_check_import_set_content(struct xccdf_check_import *obj, const char *newval);
2977 bool xccdf_check_export_set_name(struct xccdf_check_export *obj, const char *newval);
2979 bool xccdf_check_export_set_value(struct xccdf_check_export *obj, const char *newval);
2982 bool xccdf_fix_set_strategy(struct xccdf_fix *obj, xccdf_strategy_t newval);
2984 bool xccdf_fix_set_disruption(struct xccdf_fix *obj, xccdf_level_t newval);
2986 bool xccdf_fix_set_complexity(struct xccdf_fix *obj, xccdf_level_t newval);
2988 bool xccdf_fix_set_reboot(struct xccdf_fix *obj, bool newval);
2990 bool xccdf_fix_set_content(struct xccdf_fix *obj, const char *newval);
2992 bool xccdf_fix_set_system(struct xccdf_fix *obj, const char *newval);
2994 bool xccdf_fix_set_platform(struct xccdf_fix *obj, const char *newval);
2996 bool xccdf_fix_set_id(struct xccdf_fix *obj, const char *newval);
3001 bool xccdf_fixtext_set_disruption(struct xccdf_fixtext *obj, xccdf_level_t newval);
3003 bool xccdf_fixtext_set_complexity(struct xccdf_fixtext *obj, xccdf_level_t newval);
3005 bool xccdf_fixtext_set_reboot(struct xccdf_fixtext *obj, bool newval);
3007 bool xccdf_fixtext_set_text(struct xccdf_fixtext *obj, struct oscap_text *newval);
3009 bool xccdf_fixtext_set_fixref(struct xccdf_fixtext *obj, const char *newval);
3012 bool xccdf_select_set_item(struct xccdf_select *obj, const char *newval);
3014 bool xccdf_select_set_selected(struct xccdf_select *obj, bool newval);
3019 bool xccdf_warning_set_text(struct xccdf_warning *obj, struct oscap_text *newval);
3024 struct xccdf_refine_rule * xccdf_refine_rule_clone(const struct xccdf_refine_rule * old_rule);
3026 bool xccdf_refine_rule_set_item(struct xccdf_refine_rule *obj, const char *newval);
3028 bool xccdf_refine_rule_set_selector(struct xccdf_refine_rule *obj, const char *newval);
3039 struct xccdf_refine_value * xccdf_refine_value_clone(const struct xccdf_refine_value * old_value);
3041 bool xccdf_refine_value_set_item(struct xccdf_refine_value *obj, const char *newval);
3043 bool xccdf_refine_value_set_selector(struct xccdf_refine_value *obj, const char *newval);
3048 struct xccdf_setvalue *xccdf_setvalue_new(void);
3050 struct xccdf_setvalue * xccdf_setvalue_clone(const struct xccdf_setvalue * old_value);
3052 bool xccdf_setvalue_set_item(struct xccdf_setvalue *obj, const char *newval);
3054 bool xccdf_setvalue_set_value(struct xccdf_setvalue *obj, const char *newval);
3056 bool xccdf_plain_text_set_id(struct xccdf_plain_text *obj, const char *newval);
3058 bool xccdf_plain_text_set_text(struct xccdf_plain_text *obj, const char *newval);
3061 bool xccdf_result_set_id(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval);
3063 bool xccdf_result_set_test_system(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval);
3065 bool xccdf_result_set_benchmark_uri(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval);
3067 bool xccdf_result_set_profile(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval);
3069 bool xccdf_result_set_start_time(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval);
3071 bool xccdf_result_set_end_time(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval);
3073 bool xccdf_result_set_version(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval);
3075 bool xccdf_result_add_metadata(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *metadata);
3078 bool xccdf_rule_result_set_time(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, const char *newval);
3082 bool xccdf_rule_result_set_weight(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, float newval);
3088 bool xccdf_rule_result_set_version(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, const char *newval);
3090 bool xccdf_rule_result_set_idref(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, const char *newval);
3093 bool xccdf_identity_set_authenticated(struct xccdf_identity *obj, bool newval);
3095 bool xccdf_identity_set_privileged(struct xccdf_identity *obj, bool newval);
3097 bool xccdf_identity_set_name(struct xccdf_identity *obj, const char *newval);
3100 bool xccdf_score_set_maximum(struct xccdf_score *obj, xccdf_numeric newval);
3102 bool xccdf_score_set_score(struct xccdf_score *obj, xccdf_numeric newval);
3104 bool xccdf_score_set_system(struct xccdf_score *obj, const char *newval);
3107 bool xccdf_override_set_time(struct xccdf_override *obj, const char *newval);
3113 bool xccdf_override_set_authority(struct xccdf_override *obj, const char *newval);
3115 bool xccdf_override_set_remark(struct xccdf_override *obj, struct oscap_text *newval);
3120 bool xccdf_message_set_content(struct xccdf_message *obj, const char *newval);
3123 bool xccdf_target_fact_set_string(struct xccdf_target_fact *fact, const char *str);
3127 bool xccdf_target_fact_set_boolean(struct xccdf_target_fact *fact, bool val);
3129 bool xccdf_target_fact_set_name(struct xccdf_target_fact *obj, const char *newval);
3134 bool xccdf_target_identifier_set_system(struct xccdf_target_identifier *ti, const char *newval);
3136 bool xccdf_target_identifier_set_href(struct xccdf_target_identifier *ti, const char *newval);
3138 bool xccdf_target_identifier_set_name(struct xccdf_target_identifier *ti, const char *newval);
3141 bool xccdf_instance_set_context(struct xccdf_instance *obj, const char *newval);
3143 bool xccdf_instance_set_parent_context(struct xccdf_instance *obj, const char *newval);
3145 bool xccdf_instance_set_content(struct xccdf_instance *obj, const char *newval);
3148 bool xccdf_tailoring_set_id(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char* newval);
3150 bool xccdf_tailoring_set_version(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char* newval);
3152 bool xccdf_tailoring_set_version_update(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *newval);
3154 bool xccdf_tailoring_set_version_time(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *newval);
3156 bool xccdf_tailoring_set_benchmark_ref(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *newval);
3158 bool xccdf_tailoring_set_benchmark_ref_version(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *newval);
3161 bool xccdf_tailoring_add_profile(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, struct xccdf_profile *profile);
3174 bool xccdf_tailoring_remove_profile(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, struct xccdf_profile *profile);
3176 bool xccdf_tailoring_resolve(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark);
3178 // @memberof xccdf_ident
3179 void xccdf_ident_set_id(struct xccdf_ident * ident, const char *id);
3180 // @memberof xccdf_ident
3181 void xccdf_ident_set_system(struct xccdf_ident * ident, const char *sys);
3184 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_result(struct xccdf_benchmark *bench, struct xccdf_result *result);
3187 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_description(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3189 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_platform(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval);
3191 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_reference(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct oscap_reference *newval);
3193 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_status(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct xccdf_status *newval);
3195 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_dc_status(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct oscap_reference *newval);
3197 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_title(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3199 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_front_matter(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3201 //bool xccdf_benchmark_add_item(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct xccdf_item *newval);
3203 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_model(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct xccdf_model *newval);
3205 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_notice(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct xccdf_notice *newval);
3207 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_plain_text(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct xccdf_plain_text *newval);
3209 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_profile(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct xccdf_profile *newval);
3211 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_rear_matter(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3213 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_rule(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, struct xccdf_rule *rule);
3215 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_group(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, struct xccdf_group *group);
3217 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_value(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, struct xccdf_value *value);
3219 bool xccdf_benchmark_add_content(struct xccdf_benchmark *bench, struct xccdf_item *item);
3222 bool xccdf_profile_add_select(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct xccdf_select *newval);
3224 bool xccdf_profile_add_setvalue(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct xccdf_setvalue *newval);
3226 bool xccdf_profile_add_refine_value(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct xccdf_refine_value *newval);
3228 bool xccdf_profile_add_refine_rule(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct xccdf_refine_rule *newval);
3231 bool xccdf_profile_add_description(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3233 bool xccdf_profile_add_platform(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *newval);
3235 bool xccdf_profile_add_reference(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct oscap_reference *newval);
3237 bool xccdf_profile_add_status(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct xccdf_status *newval);
3239 bool xccdf_profile_add_dc_status(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct oscap_reference *newval);
3241 bool xccdf_profile_add_title(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3244 bool xccdf_rule_add_description(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3246 bool xccdf_rule_add_platform(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval);
3248 bool xccdf_rule_add_question(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3250 bool xccdf_rule_add_rationale(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3252 bool xccdf_rule_add_reference(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct oscap_reference *newval);
3254 bool xccdf_rule_add_status(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct xccdf_status *newval);
3256 bool xccdf_rule_add_dc_status(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct oscap_reference *newval);
3258 bool xccdf_rule_add_title(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3260 bool xccdf_rule_add_warning(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct xccdf_warning *newval);
3262 bool xccdf_rule_add_ident(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct xccdf_ident *newval);
3264 bool xccdf_rule_add_check(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct xccdf_check *newval);
3266 bool xccdf_rule_add_profile_note(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct xccdf_profile_note *newval);
3268 bool xccdf_rule_add_fix(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct xccdf_fix *newval);
3270 bool xccdf_rule_add_fixtext(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct xccdf_fixtext *newval);
3273 bool xccdf_group_add_description(struct xccdf_group *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3275 bool xccdf_group_add_platform(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *newval);
3277 bool xccdf_group_add_question(struct xccdf_group *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3279 bool xccdf_group_add_rationale(struct xccdf_group *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3281 bool xccdf_group_add_reference(struct xccdf_group *item, struct oscap_reference *newval);
3283 bool xccdf_group_add_status(struct xccdf_group *item, struct xccdf_status *newval);
3285 bool xccdf_group_add_dc_status(struct xccdf_group *item, struct oscap_reference *newval);
3287 bool xccdf_group_add_title(struct xccdf_group *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3289 bool xccdf_group_add_warning(struct xccdf_group *item, struct xccdf_warning *newval);
3291 bool xccdf_group_add_rule(struct xccdf_group *group, struct xccdf_rule *item);
3293 bool xccdf_group_add_group(struct xccdf_group *group, struct xccdf_group *item);
3295 bool xccdf_group_add_value(struct xccdf_group *group, struct xccdf_value *item);
3297 bool xccdf_group_add_content(struct xccdf_group *rule, struct xccdf_item *item);
3300 bool xccdf_value_add_description(struct xccdf_value *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3302 bool xccdf_value_add_question(struct xccdf_value *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3304 bool xccdf_value_add_reference(struct xccdf_value *item, struct oscap_reference *newval);
3306 bool xccdf_value_add_status(struct xccdf_value *item, struct xccdf_status *newval);
3308 bool xccdf_value_add_dc_status(struct xccdf_value *item, struct oscap_reference *newval);
3310 bool xccdf_value_add_title(struct xccdf_value *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3312 bool xccdf_value_add_warning(struct xccdf_value *item, struct xccdf_warning *newval);
3315 bool xccdf_check_add_import(struct xccdf_check *obj, struct xccdf_check_import *item);
3317 bool xccdf_check_add_export(struct xccdf_check *obj, struct xccdf_check_export *item);
3319 bool xccdf_check_add_content_ref(struct xccdf_check *obj, struct xccdf_check_content_ref *item);
3321 bool xccdf_check_add_child(struct xccdf_check *obj, struct xccdf_check *item);
3323 bool xccdf_select_add_remark(struct xccdf_select *obj, struct oscap_text *item);
3325 bool xccdf_refine_value_add_remark(struct xccdf_refine_value *obj, struct oscap_text *item);
3327 bool xccdf_result_add_rule_result(struct xccdf_result *item, struct xccdf_rule_result *newval);
3329 bool xccdf_result_add_setvalue(struct xccdf_result *item, struct xccdf_setvalue *newval);
3331 bool xccdf_result_add_target_fact(struct xccdf_result *item, struct xccdf_target_fact *newval);
3335 bool xccdf_result_add_applicable_platform(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval);
3337 bool xccdf_result_add_remark(struct xccdf_result *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3339 bool xccdf_result_add_organization(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval);
3341 bool xccdf_result_add_target(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval);
3343 bool xccdf_result_add_identity(struct xccdf_result *item, struct xccdf_identity *newval);
3345 bool xccdf_result_add_score(struct xccdf_result *item, struct xccdf_score *newval);
3347 bool xccdf_result_add_title(struct xccdf_result *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3349 bool xccdf_result_add_target_address(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval);
3351 bool xccdf_result_add_applicable_platform(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval);
3353 int xccdf_result_recalculate_scores(struct xccdf_result *result, struct xccdf_item *benchmark);
3355 bool xccdf_rule_result_add_ident(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, struct xccdf_ident *item);
3357 bool xccdf_rule_result_add_fix(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, struct xccdf_fix *item);
3359 bool xccdf_rule_result_add_check(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, struct xccdf_check *item);
3361 bool xccdf_rule_result_add_override(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, struct xccdf_override *item);
3363 bool xccdf_rule_result_add_message(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, struct xccdf_message *item);
3365 bool xccdf_rule_result_add_instance(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, struct xccdf_instance *item);
3367 bool xccdf_item_add_description(struct xccdf_item *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3369 bool xccdf_item_add_platform(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *newval);
3371 bool xccdf_item_add_question(struct xccdf_item *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3373 bool xccdf_item_add_rationale(struct xccdf_item *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3375 bool xccdf_item_add_reference(struct xccdf_item *item, struct oscap_reference *newval);
3377 bool xccdf_item_add_dc_status(struct xccdf_item *item, struct oscap_reference *newval);
3379 bool xccdf_item_add_status(struct xccdf_item *item, struct xccdf_status *newval);
3381 bool xccdf_item_add_title(struct xccdf_item *item, struct oscap_text *newval);
3383 bool xccdf_item_add_warning(struct xccdf_item *item, struct xccdf_warning *newval);
3385 bool xccdf_refine_rule_add_remark(struct xccdf_refine_rule *obj, struct oscap_text *item);
3388 bool xccdf_rule_add_requires(struct xccdf_rule *rule, struct oscap_stringlist *requires);
3390 bool xccdf_group_add_requires(struct xccdf_group *group, struct oscap_stringlist *requires);
3392 bool xccdf_item_add_requires(struct xccdf_item *item, struct oscap_stringlist *requires);
3394 bool xccdf_rule_add_conflicts(struct xccdf_rule *rule, const char *conflicts);
3396 bool xccdf_group_add_conflicts(struct xccdf_group *group, const char *conflicts);
3398 bool xccdf_item_add_conflicts(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *conflicts);
3400 /************************************************************
3401  ** @} End of Setters group */
3403 // remove operations
3467 // textual substitution interface
3474 typedef enum xccdf_subst_type {
3491 typedef char*(*xccdf_substitution_func)(xccdf_subst_type_t type, const char *id, void *arg);
3504 OSCAP_DEPRECATED(char* oscap_text_xccdf_substitute(const char *text, xccdf_substitution_func cb, void *arg));
3506 /************************************************************/
3510 #endif
void xccdf_refine_rule_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_refine_rule_iterator *it)
struct xccdf_check_content_ref_iterator * xccdf_check_get_content_refs(const struct xccdf_check *check)
const char * xccdf_notice_get_id(const struct xccdf_notice *notice)
XCCDF target fact.
Definition: item.h:411
const char * xccdf_benchmark_supported(void)
Get supported version of XCCDF XML.
Definition: benchmark.c:666
const char * xccdf_profile_get_version_update(const struct xccdf_profile *profile)
bool xccdf_result_add_organization(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval)
void xccdf_benchmark_free(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark)
Definition: benchmark.c:409
struct oscap_string_iterator * xccdf_tailoring_get_metadata(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring)
Definition: tailoring.c:460
const char * xccdf_target_fact_get_value(const struct xccdf_target_fact *item)
void xccdf_identity_free(struct xccdf_identity *identity)
const char * xccdf_message_get_content(const struct xccdf_message *item)
const char * xccdf_check_get_selector(const struct xccdf_check *check)
Iterator over collections of strings.
bool xccdf_group_add_platform(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_value_iterator * xccdf_group_get_values(const struct xccdf_group *group)
Warning about regulatory obligations.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:148
void xccdf_ident_free(struct xccdf_ident *ident)
Definition: rule.c:485
Stores content from xccdf:Tailoring element which can be loaded from a separate file.
Definition: item.h:172
Type constant for xccdf_group.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:61
bool xccdf_tailoring_set_benchmark_ref(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *newval)
Definition: tailoring.c:442
void xccdf_check_export_free(struct xccdf_check_export *item)
Definition: rule.c:750
bool xccdf_rule_add_metadata(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *metadata)
const char * xccdf_result_get_start_time(const struct xccdf_result *item)
Reference iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:442
bool xccdf_profile_add_refine_rule(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct xccdf_refine_rule *newval)
const char * xccdf_fix_get_id(const struct xccdf_fix *fix)
struct xccdf_item * xccdf_item_get_parent(const struct xccdf_item *item)
Return item&#39;s parent in the grouping hierarchy.
void xccdf_check_export_iterator_free(struct xccdf_check_export_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
struct oscap_stringlist_iterator * xccdf_group_get_requires(const struct xccdf_group *group)
Definition: rule.c:886
void xccdf_message_iterator_free(struct xccdf_message_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_score_set_score(struct xccdf_score *obj, xccdf_numeric newval)
bool xccdf_override_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_override_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
void xccdf_override_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_override_iterator *it)
CPE platform specification.
Definition: cpelang_priv.c:63
struct xccdf_identity * xccdf_identity_new(void)
Definition: result.c:303
bool xccdf_value_get_hidden(const struct xccdf_value *value)
bool xccdf_group_set_version_update(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *newval)
void xccdf_notice_free(struct xccdf_notice *notice)
Definition: benchmark.c:647
bool xccdf_result_set_start_time(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_notice_set_id(struct xccdf_notice *obj, const char *newval)
void xccdf_check_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_check_iterator *it)
bool xccdf_rule_add_dc_status(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct oscap_reference *newval)
bool xccdf_benchmark_set_style(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval)
const char * xccdf_profile_get_version_time(const struct xccdf_profile *profile)
void xccdf_fixtext_iterator_free(struct xccdf_fixtext_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
struct xccdf_group * xccdf_item_to_group(struct xccdf_item *item)
Convert the item to a group.
bool xccdf_rule_add_status(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct xccdf_status *newval)
bool xccdf_fixtext_set_complexity(struct xccdf_fixtext *obj, xccdf_level_t newval)
XCCDF refine rule option used in the profile.
Definition: item.h:260
struct xccdf_status_iterator * xccdf_value_get_statuses(const struct xccdf_value *value)
xccdf_warning_category_t xccdf_warning_get_category(const struct xccdf_warning *warning)
void xccdf_check_content_ref_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_check_content_ref_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_refine_rule_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_refine_rule_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
struct oscap_text * xccdf_fixtext_get_text(const struct xccdf_fixtext *fixtext)
bool xccdf_fix_set_content(struct xccdf_fix *obj, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_group_set_selected(struct xccdf_group *item, bool newval)
struct xccdf_value * xccdf_value_new(xccdf_value_type_t type)
Definition: value.c:53
XCCDF error, complexity, disruption, or severity level.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:117
bool xccdf_result_add_applicable_platform(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval)
XCCDF note for given rule in context of given profile.
Definition: item.h:320
bool xccdf_check_set_oper(struct xccdf_check *obj, xccdf_bool_operator_t newval)
bool xccdf_benchmark_set_schema_version(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const struct xccdf_version_info *newval)
void xccdf_fixtext_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_fixtext_iterator *it)
bool xccdf_check_add_content_ref(struct xccdf_check *obj, struct xccdf_check_content_ref *item)
bool xccdf_group_add_reference(struct xccdf_group *item, struct oscap_reference *newval)
Less than or equal.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:106
Less than.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:105
struct xccdf_fixtext * xccdf_fixtext_clone(const struct xccdf_fixtext *fixtext)
Definition: rule.c:815
xccdf_value_type_t xccdf_value_instance_get_type(const struct xccdf_value_instance *item)
bool xccdf_refine_rule_set_weight(struct xccdf_refine_rule *obj, xccdf_numeric newval)
bool xccdf_check_set_multicheck(struct xccdf_check *obj, bool newval)
void xccdf_value_iterator_free(struct xccdf_value_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
struct oscap_text_iterator * xccdf_refine_value_get_remarks(const struct xccdf_refine_value *rv)
struct xccdf_plain_text * xccdf_plain_text_new(void)
Definition: benchmark.c:887
struct xccdf_rule * xccdf_benchmark_append_new_rule(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, const char *id)
Create a rule and append it to the benchmark.
Definition: benchmark.c:692
Instance iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:567
void xccdf_profile_free(struct xccdf_item *prof)
Definition: profile.c:472
Turn off or deinstall something.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:158
const char * xccdf_result_get_benchmark_uri(const struct xccdf_result *item)
void xccdf_value_instance_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_value_instance_iterator *it)
Interface to Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) Dictionary.
bool xccdf_score_set_maximum(struct xccdf_score *obj, xccdf_numeric newval)
const char * xccdf_fix_get_platform(const struct xccdf_fix *fix)
bool xccdf_rule_result_add_message(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, struct xccdf_message *item)
substitute a hyperlink
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:3477
struct xccdf_rule_result * xccdf_rule_result_clone(const struct xccdf_rule_result *result)
Definition: item.c:1228
struct xccdf_result * xccdf_item_to_result(struct xccdf_item *item)
Convert the item to a test result.
const char * xccdf_rule_result_get_time(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item)
Install upgrade or update the system.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:163
struct xccdf_profile * xccdf_profile_iterator_next(struct xccdf_profile_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_profile structure from the list and increment the iterator. ...
void xccdf_item_iterator_free(struct xccdf_item_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
A collection of strings.
Definition: oscap_text.h:59
XCCDF instance.
Definition: item.h:405
Adjust target config or settings.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:157
General OpenScap functions and types.
bool xccdf_fix_set_complexity(struct xccdf_fix *obj, xccdf_level_t newval)
const char * xccdf_result_get_test_system(const struct xccdf_result *item)
const char * xccdf_check_export_get_value(const struct xccdf_check_export *item)
struct xccdf_status * xccdf_group_get_status_current(const struct xccdf_group *group)
bool xccdf_check_import_set_xpath(struct xccdf_check_import *obj, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_check_iterator * xccdf_check_get_children(const struct xccdf_check *check)
Get an iterator to nested checks of the complex check.
bool xccdf_fix_set_strategy(struct xccdf_fix *obj, xccdf_strategy_t newval)
bool xccdf_fix_set_id(struct xccdf_fix *obj, const char *newval)
struct oscap_string_iterator * xccdf_value_instance_get_choices(const struct xccdf_value_instance *item)
bool xccdf_rule_add_check(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct xccdf_check *newval)
struct xccdf_benchmark * xccdf_benchmark_import_source(struct oscap_source *source)
Import the content from oscap_source into a benchmark.
Definition: benchmark.c:63
void xccdf_select_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_select_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
void xccdf_result_free(struct xccdf_result *item)
bool xccdf_fixtext_set_disruption(struct xccdf_fixtext *obj, xccdf_level_t newval)
struct xccdf_instance * xccdf_instance_iterator_next(struct xccdf_instance_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_instance structure from the list and increment the iterator.
struct oscap_text_iterator * xccdf_refine_rule_get_remarks(const struct xccdf_refine_rule *rr)
bool xccdf_rule_set_impact_metric(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_fix_set_platform(struct xccdf_fix *obj, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_ident * xccdf_ident_new_fill(const char *id, const char *sys)
Definition: rule.c:453
bool xccdf_instance_set_parent_context(struct xccdf_instance *obj, const char *newval)
void xccdf_check_import_iterator_free(struct xccdf_check_import_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_profile_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_profile_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
struct xccdf_refine_rule * xccdf_refine_rule_new(void)
Definition: profile.c:96
struct xccdf_setvalue_iterator * xccdf_result_get_setvalues(const struct xccdf_result *item)
bool xccdf_select_get_selected(const struct xccdf_select *select)
struct xccdf_message * xccdf_message_iterator_next(struct xccdf_message_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_message structure from the list and increment the iterator. ...
XCCDF scoring model.
Definition: item.h:249
bool xccdf_rule_result_add_instance(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, struct xccdf_instance *item)
xccdf_numeric xccdf_score_get_maximum(const struct xccdf_score *item)
Category of xccdf_warning.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:141
XCCDF score.
Definition: item.h:370
bool xccdf_value_add_reference(struct xccdf_value *item, struct oscap_reference *newval)
bool xccdf_rule_result_set_result(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, xccdf_test_result_type_t newval)
struct xccdf_check_import * xccdf_check_import_clone(const struct xccdf_check_import *old_import)
Definition: rule.c:549
bool xccdf_item_add_warning(struct xccdf_item *item, struct xccdf_warning *newval)
bool xccdf_result_add_target_fact(struct xccdf_result *item, struct xccdf_target_fact *newval)
bool xccdf_check_set_negate(struct xccdf_check *obj, bool newval)
bool xccdf_model_set_system(struct xccdf_model *obj, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_check_add_export(struct xccdf_check *obj, struct xccdf_check_export *item)
void xccdf_override_free(struct xccdf_override *oride)
void xccdf_warning_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_warning_iterator *it)
bool xccdf_group_add_requires(struct xccdf_group *group, struct oscap_stringlist *requires)
Definition: rule.c:896
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:102
const char * xccdf_result_get_id(const struct xccdf_result *item)
bool xccdf_fixtext_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_fixtext_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
bool xccdf_profile_add_platform(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_target_identifier * xccdf_target_identifier_iterator_next(struct xccdf_target_identifier_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_target_identifier structure from the list and increment the iterator...
struct xccdf_target_fact * xccdf_target_fact_clone(const struct xccdf_target_fact *tf)
Definition: item.c:1191
void xccdf_score_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_score_iterator *it)
void xccdf_target_fact_iterator_free(struct xccdf_target_fact_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_target_fact_set_name(struct xccdf_target_fact *obj, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_value_set_abstract(struct xccdf_value *item, bool newval)
bool xccdf_profile_add_setvalue(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct xccdf_setvalue *newval)
const char * xccdf_check_get_content(const struct xccdf_check *check)
void xccdf_score_iterator_free(struct xccdf_score_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
const char * xccdf_group_get_version_time(const struct xccdf_group *group)
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_plain_text(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct xccdf_plain_text *newval)
bool xccdf_profile_add_description(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
bool xccdf_identity_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_identity_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
struct xccdf_value * xccdf_benchmark_append_new_value(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, const char *id, xccdf_value_type_t type)
Create a value and append it to the benchmark.
Definition: benchmark.c:684
void xccdf_check_free(struct xccdf_check *check)
Definition: rule.c:695
const char * xccdf_benchmark_get_version_time(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark)
bool xccdf_fixtext_get_reboot(const struct xccdf_fixtext *fixtext)
struct xccdf_select * xccdf_select_clone(const struct xccdf_select *select)
Definition: profile.c:127
struct xccdf_score * xccdf_score_new(void)
Definition: result.c:322
const char * xccdf_check_import_get_xpath(const struct xccdf_check_import *item)
Operator to be applied on an xccdf_value.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:100
struct oscap_text * xccdf_notice_get_text(const struct xccdf_notice *notice)
void xccdf_value_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_value_iterator *it)
bool xccdf_benchmark_resolve(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark)
Resolve an benchmark.
Definition: resolve.c:69
void xccdf_item_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_item_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
const char * xccdf_value_get_version(const struct xccdf_value *value)
void xccdf_profile_note_free(struct xccdf_profile_note *note)
Definition: rule.c:507
bool xccdf_rule_add_platform(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval)
Override iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:588
const char * xccdf_group_get_id(const struct xccdf_group *group)
bool xccdf_fixtext_set_strategy(struct xccdf_fixtext *obj, xccdf_strategy_t newval)
const char * xccdf_benchmark_get_lang(const struct xccdf_benchmark *item)
bool xccdf_check_content_ref_set_href(struct xccdf_check_content_ref *obj, const char *newval)
void xccdf_value_instance_iterator_free(struct xccdf_value_instance_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
void xccdf_profile_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_profile_iterator *it)
void xccdf_result_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_result_iterator *it)
bool xccdf_rule_set_multiple(struct xccdf_rule *item, bool newval)
struct xccdf_item_iterator * xccdf_benchmark_get_content(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark)
Get an iterator to the bencmark content.
bool xccdf_rule_result_set_idref(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, const char *newval)
Plain text iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:623
bool xccdf_status_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_status_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
struct oscap_text_iterator * xccdf_result_get_remarks(const struct xccdf_result *item)
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:121
bool xccdf_rule_add_rationale(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
bool xccdf_value_instance_get_defval_boolean(const struct xccdf_value_instance *inst)
Definition: XCCDF/elements.c:43
bool xccdf_result_set_test_system(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_refine_value_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_refine_value_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
bool xccdf_rule_set_version_update(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval)
const char * xccdf_rule_get_version_update(const struct xccdf_rule *rule)
Type of textual substitution.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:3474
void xccdf_warning_iterator_free(struct xccdf_warning_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
void xccdf_override_iterator_free(struct xccdf_override_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_reference(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct oscap_reference *newval)
#define OSCAP_DEPRECATED(func)
This macro will warn, when a deprecated function is used.
Definition: oscap.h:50
struct xccdf_group * xccdf_benchmark_append_new_group(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, const char *id)
Create a group and append it to the benchmark.
Definition: benchmark.c:676
bool xccdf_refine_rule_set_severity(struct xccdf_refine_rule *obj, xccdf_level_t newval)
void xccdf_check_import_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_check_import_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
struct xccdf_check_export * xccdf_check_export_iterator_next(struct xccdf_check_export_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_check_export structure from the list and increment the iterator.
bool xccdf_instance_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_instance_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
void xccdf_instance_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_instance_iterator *it)
void xccdf_plain_text_free(struct xccdf_plain_text *plain)
Definition: benchmark.c:918
struct xccdf_status_iterator * xccdf_result_get_statuses(const struct xccdf_result *item)
void xccdf_profile_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_profile_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_value_set_hidden(struct xccdf_value *item, bool newval)
xccdf_level_t xccdf_fixtext_get_disruption(const struct xccdf_fixtext *fixtext)
struct xccdf_profile * xccdf_profile_new(void)
Definition: profile.c:199
Choice from multiple values.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:75
bool xccdf_rule_add_reference(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct oscap_reference *newval)
struct xccdf_check * xccdf_check_clone(const struct xccdf_check *old_check)
Definition: rule.c:529
bool xccdf_rule_add_fixtext(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct xccdf_fixtext *newval)
bool xccdf_value_add_instance(struct xccdf_value *value, struct xccdf_value_instance *instance)
Definition: value.c:367
bool xccdf_rule_set_role(struct xccdf_rule *item, xccdf_role_t newval)
bool xccdf_tailoring_remove_profile(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, struct xccdf_profile *profile)
Removes given profile from tailoring.
Definition: tailoring.c:94
bool xccdf_tailoring_set_version_update(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *newval)
Definition: tailoring.c:424
void xccdf_status_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_status_iterator *it)
struct xccdf_result * xccdf_result_new(void)
Definition: result.c:67
bool xccdf_item_add_dc_status(struct xccdf_item *item, struct oscap_reference *newval)
bool xccdf_notice_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_notice_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
Top level XCCDF structure containing profiles, rules, values and results.
const char * xccdf_result_get_end_time(const struct xccdf_result *item)
bool xccdf_profile_add_reference(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct oscap_reference *newval)
void xccdf_refine_value_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_refine_value_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it will point to the first item in the list)
bool xccdf_group_add_content(struct xccdf_group *rule, struct xccdf_item *item)
Definition: rule.c:1113
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:130
void xccdf_fix_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_fix_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
void xccdf_warning_free(struct xccdf_warning *warn)
Definition: item.c:1071
bool xccdf_group_add_group(struct xccdf_group *group, struct xccdf_group *item)
bool xccdf_check_export_set_value(struct xccdf_check_export *obj, const char *newval)
xccdf_operator_t xccdf_value_get_oper(const struct xccdf_value *value)
Date selection widget.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:78
bool xccdf_refine_rule_set_item(struct xccdf_refine_rule *obj, const char *newval)
Override iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:602
Check the rule and include the result in reports, but do not include it into score computations...
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:136
struct xccdf_item * xccdf_benchmark_get_member(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, xccdf_type_t type, const char *key)
Get a registered member of xccdf_benchmakr by ID.
Definition: benchmark.c:753
void xccdf_result_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_result_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
XCCDF select option usen in the profile.
Definition: item.h:254
void xccdf_notice_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_notice_iterator *it)
void xccdf_profile_note_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_profile_note_iterator *it)
void xccdf_check_import_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_check_import_iterator *it)
struct oscap_source * xccdf_result_export_source(struct xccdf_result *result, const char *filepath)
Export TestResult to oscap_source structure.
Definition: result.c:714
void xccdf_value_instance_free(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst)
Definition: value.c:397
const char * xccdf_identity_get_name(const struct xccdf_identity *item)
const char * xccdf_override_get_authority(const struct xccdf_override *item)
struct xccdf_item * xccdf_item_clone(const struct xccdf_item *old_item)
Definition: item.c:139
bool xccdf_refine_rule_set_role(struct xccdf_refine_rule *obj, xccdf_role_t newval)
struct xccdf_check * xccdf_check_new(void)
Warning about hardware restrictions or possible impacts to hardware.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:146
bool xccdf_value_instance_set_defval_string(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_override * xccdf_override_new(void)
Definition: result.c:344
struct xccdf_fixtext * xccdf_fixtext_iterator_next(struct xccdf_fixtext_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_fixtext structure from the list and increment the iterator. ...
bool xccdf_group_set_version(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_check_export_iterator * xccdf_check_get_exports(const struct xccdf_check *check)
const char * xccdf_value_get_id(const struct xccdf_value *value)
xccdf_level_t xccdf_fix_get_disruption(const struct xccdf_fix *fix)
bool xccdf_item_add_question(struct xccdf_item *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
xccdf_bool_operator_t xccdf_check_get_oper(const struct xccdf_check *check)
Get an operator to be applied no children of the complex check.
struct xccdf_value_instance * xccdf_value_get_instance_by_selector(const struct xccdf_value *value, const char *selector)
Definition: value.c:351
void xccdf_check_content_ref_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_check_content_ref_iterator *it)
struct xccdf_status * xccdf_status_new(void)
Definition: item.c:954
bool xccdf_group_get_hidden(const struct xccdf_group *group)
const char * xccdf_version_info_get_cpe_version(const struct xccdf_version_info *v)
Definition: XCCDF/elements.c:65
substitute cdf:instance element
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:3478
xccdf_value_type_t xccdf_target_fact_get_type(const struct xccdf_target_fact *item)
struct xccdf_override * xccdf_override_clone(const struct xccdf_override *override)
Definition: item.c:1200
Warning about dependencies between this Rule and other parts of the target system.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:151
const char * xccdf_tailoring_get_version_update(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring)
Definition: tailoring.c:386
int xccdf_benchmark_export(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, const char *file)
Export a benchmark to an XML stream.
Definition: benchmark.c:239
void xccdf_value_instance_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_value_instance_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
float xccdf_item_get_weight(const struct xccdf_item *item)
bool xccdf_setvalue_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_setvalue_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
struct oscap_text * xccdf_override_get_remark(const struct xccdf_override *item)
XCCDF message.
Definition: item.h:384
bool xccdf_rule_set_hidden(struct xccdf_rule *item, bool newval)
bool xccdf_check_import_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_check_import_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
struct oscap_text_iterator * xccdf_value_get_description(const struct xccdf_value *value)
bool xccdf_message_set_severity(struct xccdf_message *obj, xccdf_message_severity_t newval)
struct xccdf_instance * xccdf_instance_new(void)
Definition: result.c:556
bool xccdf_fixtext_set_fixref(struct xccdf_fixtext *obj, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_refine_rule * xccdf_refine_rule_iterator_next(struct xccdf_refine_rule_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_refine_rule structure from the list and increment the iterator.
Check import iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:539
struct xccdf_target_fact * xccdf_target_fact_iterator_next(struct xccdf_target_fact_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_target_fact structure from the list and increment the iterator.
char * filepath
Filepath (if originated from file)
Definition: oscap_source.c:67
XCCDF set value option used in the profile.
Definition: item.h:276
bool xccdf_result_set_id(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_rule_result_set_version(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, const char *newval)
const char * xccdf_value_instance_get_selector(const struct xccdf_value_instance *item)
bool xccdf_benchmark_set_version(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval)
xccdf_numeric xccdf_value_instance_get_value_number(const struct xccdf_value_instance *inst)
bool xccdf_result_set_profile(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval)
Override iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:609
void xccdf_item_free(struct xccdf_item *item)
Definition: item.c:250
struct xccdf_plain_text * xccdf_plain_text_clone(const struct xccdf_plain_text *pt)
Definition: benchmark.c:910
bool xccdf_rule_set_selected(struct xccdf_rule *item, bool newval)
void xccdf_plain_text_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_plain_text_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
void xccdf_profile_note_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_profile_note_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
void xccdf_rule_result_free(struct xccdf_rule_result *rr)
struct xccdf_status_iterator * xccdf_group_get_statuses(const struct xccdf_group *group)
Check export iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:553
struct xccdf_profile * xccdf_tailoring_get_profile_by_id(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *profile_id)
Definition: tailoring.c:481
void xccdf_cleanup(void)
Release library internal caches.
Definition: benchmark.c:664
bool xccdf_notice_set_text(struct xccdf_notice *obj, struct oscap_text *newval)
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:101
struct xccdf_benchmark * xccdf_group_get_benchmark(const struct xccdf_group *group)
const char * xccdf_target_identifier_get_href(const struct xccdf_target_identifier *item)
Definition: result.c:523
struct xccdf_check_export * xccdf_check_export_new(void)
Definition: rule.c:745
struct xccdf_identity_iterator * xccdf_result_get_identities(const struct xccdf_result *item)
struct xccdf_message_iterator * xccdf_rule_result_get_messages(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item)
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:96
struct xccdf_item * xccdf_result_to_item(struct xccdf_result *item)
bool xccdf_select_add_remark(struct xccdf_select *obj, struct oscap_text *item)
bool xccdf_tailoring_set_benchmark_ref_version(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *newval)
Definition: tailoring.c:451
struct xccdf_override * xccdf_override_iterator_next(struct xccdf_override_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_override structure from the list and increment the iterator.
struct xccdf_setvalue * xccdf_setvalue_iterator_next(struct xccdf_setvalue_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_setvalue structure from the list and increment the iterator.
Select iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:470
bool xccdf_group_add_status(struct xccdf_group *item, struct xccdf_status *newval)
const char * xccdf_group_get_version(const struct xccdf_group *group)
struct xccdf_result * xccdf_result_iterator_next(struct xccdf_result_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_result structure from the list and increment the iterator.
bool xccdf_plain_text_set_id(struct xccdf_plain_text *obj, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_profile_set_prohibit_changes(struct xccdf_profile *item, bool newval)
bool xccdf_rule_set_id(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval)
xccdf_level_t xccdf_fixtext_get_complexity(const struct xccdf_fixtext *fixtext)
bool xccdf_check_set_selector(struct xccdf_check *obj, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_check_set_id(struct xccdf_check *obj, const char *newval)
Type constant for xccdf_benchmark.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:57
Warning about changes to target system performance.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:145
struct xccdf_model * xccdf_model_new(void)
Definition: item.c:1008
void xccdf_model_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_model_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
struct xccdf_model * xccdf_model_iterator_next(struct xccdf_model_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_model structure from the list and increment the iterator.
bool xccdf_result_add_setvalue(struct xccdf_result *item, struct xccdf_setvalue *newval)
bool xccdf_rule_add_title(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
bool xccdf_value_add_description(struct xccdf_value *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
struct xccdf_item * xccdf_benchmark_to_item(struct xccdf_benchmark *item)
struct xccdf_notice * xccdf_notice_clone(const struct xccdf_notice *notice)
Definition: benchmark.c:623
bool xccdf_fix_set_reboot(struct xccdf_fix *obj, bool newval)
bool xccdf_warning_set_text(struct xccdf_warning *obj, struct oscap_text *newval)
const char * xccdf_tailoring_get_id(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring)
Definition: tailoring.c:376
bool xccdf_fix_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_fix_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
void xccdf_override_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_override_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
Ident iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:504
bool xccdf_group_add_rule(struct xccdf_group *group, struct xccdf_rule *item)
bool xccdf_result_add_title(struct xccdf_result *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
bool xccdf_score_set_system(struct xccdf_score *obj, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_status * xccdf_status_new_fill(const char *status, const char *date)
Definition: item.c:940
String iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:421
bool xccdf_rule_result_add_ident(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, struct xccdf_ident *item)
struct xccdf_warning_iterator * xccdf_group_get_warnings(const struct xccdf_group *group)
struct oscap_string_iterator * xccdf_value_get_metadata(const struct xccdf_value *value)
Greater than.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:103
bool xccdf_item_set_abstract(struct xccdf_item *item, bool newval)
bool xccdf_check_get_complex(const struct xccdf_check *check)
True if the check is a complex check.
Definition: rule.c:690
void xccdf_score_free(struct xccdf_score *score)
bool xccdf_value_add_title(struct xccdf_value *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
char * oscap_text_xccdf_substitute(const char *text, xccdf_substitution_func cb, void *arg)
Perform a textual substitution.
Definition: item.c:1306
bool xccdf_item_add_metadata(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *metadata)
bool xccdf_check_get_multicheck(const struct xccdf_check *check)
xccdf_interface_hint_t xccdf_value_get_interface_hint(const struct xccdf_value *value)
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_status(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct xccdf_status *newval)
Rule was not selected in the Benchmark.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:175
Type constant for xccdf_value.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:62
const char * xccdf_item_get_version_time(const struct xccdf_item *item)
Adjust permissions or ACLs.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:162
bool xccdf_item_add_requires(struct xccdf_item *item, struct oscap_stringlist *requires)
Definition: rule.c:901
bool xccdf_value_instance_set_must_match(struct xccdf_value_instance *obj, bool newval)
Internationalized string iterator.
bool xccdf_benchmark_set_id(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval)
Message iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:574
const char * xccdf_refine_value_get_item(const struct xccdf_refine_value *rv)
const char * xccdf_check_export_get_name(const struct xccdf_check_export *item)
void xccdf_check_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_check_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_refine_value_add_remark(struct xccdf_refine_value *obj, struct oscap_text *item)
bool xccdf_ident_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_ident_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
void xccdf_result_iterator_free(struct xccdf_result_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
struct xccdf_refine_value * xccdf_refine_value_clone(const struct xccdf_refine_value *old_value)
Definition: profile.c:86
bool xccdf_fix_set_system(struct xccdf_fix *obj, const char *newval)
const char * xccdf_benchmark_get_plain_text(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, const char *id)
Get a plain text by ID.
Definition: benchmark.c:557
bool xccdf_refine_value_set_selector(struct xccdf_refine_value *obj, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_result_add_rule_result(struct xccdf_result *item, struct xccdf_rule_result *newval)
bool xccdf_item_set_hidden(struct xccdf_item *item, bool newval)
bool xccdf_group_get_selected(const struct xccdf_group *group)
bool xccdf_benchmark_set_lang(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval)
void xccdf_group_free(struct xccdf_item *group)
Definition: rule.c:261
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:94
struct xccdf_profile * xccdf_profile_clone(const struct xccdf_profile *profile)
Definition: profile.c:204
bool xccdf_value_instance_set_defval_boolean(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst, bool newval)
Fix iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:546
XCCDF simple or complex check.
Definition: item.h:286
bool xccdf_rule_result_set_time(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, const char *newval)
void xccdf_profile_note_iterator_free(struct xccdf_profile_note_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
XCCDF Value allows test parametrization or capturing output of tests.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:226
XCCDF rule group.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:220
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_value(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, struct xccdf_value *value)
Type of an XCCDF object.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:56
bool xccdf_fix_set_disruption(struct xccdf_fix *obj, xccdf_level_t newval)
void xccdf_model_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_model_iterator *it)
bool xccdf_value_instance_set_value_string(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst, const char *newval)
XCCDF textual fix instructions.
Definition: item.h:336
bool xccdf_result_set_benchmark_uri(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_ident * xccdf_ident_iterator_next(struct xccdf_ident_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_ident structure from the list and increment the iterator.
struct xccdf_status * xccdf_status_iterator_next(struct xccdf_status_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_status structure from the list and increment the iterator.
bool xccdf_rule_add_fix(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct xccdf_fix *newval)
const char * xccdf_benchmark_match_profile_id(struct xccdf_benchmark *bench, const char *profile_suffix, int *match_status)
Match a profile suffix agains profiles present in the given benchmark.
Definition: xccdf_session.c:481
struct xccdf_item * xccdf_rule_to_item(struct xccdf_rule *item)
struct xccdf_check_iterator * xccdf_rule_result_get_checks(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item)
struct xccdf_item * xccdf_item_iterator_next(struct xccdf_item_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_item structure from the list and increment the iterator.
Turn on or install something.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:159
bool xccdf_value_add_status(struct xccdf_value *item, struct xccdf_status *newval)
bool xccdf_group_set_abstract(struct xccdf_group *item, bool newval)
void xccdf_tailoring_free(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring)
Definition: tailoring.c:61
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:122
const char * xccdf_check_import_get_name(const struct xccdf_check_import *item)
void xccdf_select_iterator_free(struct xccdf_select_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_refine_rule_add_remark(struct xccdf_refine_rule *obj, struct oscap_text *item)
xccdf_value_type_t xccdf_value_get_type(const struct xccdf_value *value)
bool xccdf_check_add_child(struct xccdf_check *obj, struct xccdf_check *item)
struct xccdf_benchmark * xccdf_item_get_benchmark(const struct xccdf_item *item)
void xccdf_target_identifier_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_target_identifier_iterator *it)
struct xccdf_benchmark * xccdf_result_get_benchmark(const struct xccdf_result *item)
struct xccdf_notice * xccdf_notice_iterator_next(struct xccdf_notice_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_notice structure from the list and increment the iterator.
Actual results of running a XCCDF test or profile.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:232
const char * xccdf_value_get_version_time(const struct xccdf_value *value)
Refine value iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:491
Refine rule iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:497
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_front_matter(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
struct oscap_string_iterator * xccdf_group_get_metadata(const struct xccdf_group *group)
bool xccdf_check_get_negate(const struct xccdf_check *check)
bool xccdf_rule_add_profile_note(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct xccdf_profile_note *newval)
const char * xccdf_instance_get_content(const struct xccdf_instance *item)
bool xccdf_refine_value_set_item(struct xccdf_refine_value *obj, const char *newval)
Test result.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:168
Set value iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:484
Warning iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:560
XCCDF role.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:134
char *(* xccdf_substitution_func)(xccdf_subst_type_t type, const char *id, void *arg)
Textual substitution callback.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:3491
const char * xccdf_value_instance_get_defval_string(const struct xccdf_value_instance *inst)
const char * xccdf_rule_get_version_time(const struct xccdf_rule *rule)
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:85
bool xccdf_benchmark_set_cpe_lang_model(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct cpe_lang_model *cpe_lang_model)
Definition: benchmark.c:593
void xccdf_warning_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_warning_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the underlying list)
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:89
bool xccdf_result_add_target(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval)
const char * xccdf_ident_get_id(const struct xccdf_ident *ident)
void xccdf_select_free(struct xccdf_select *sel)
Definition: profile.c:156
bool xccdf_rule_result_add_fix(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, struct xccdf_fix *item)
bool xccdf_status_set_status(struct xccdf_status *obj, xccdf_status_type_t newval)
Match a regular expression.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:107
Greater than or equal.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:104
struct xccdf_instance_iterator * xccdf_rule_result_get_instances(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item)
bool xccdf_target_fact_set_boolean(struct xccdf_target_fact *fact, bool val)
Definition: result.c:415
const char * xccdf_instance_get_context(const struct xccdf_instance *item)
bool xccdf_group_add_metadata(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *metadata)
Text line input widget.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:76
Status was not specified by benchmark.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:84
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:77
xccdf_message_severity_t xccdf_message_get_severity(const struct xccdf_message *item)
xccdf_numeric xccdf_value_instance_get_upper_bound(const struct xccdf_value_instance *inst)
bool xccdf_override_set_authority(struct xccdf_override *obj, const char *newval)
struct oscap_text_iterator * xccdf_result_get_title(const struct xccdf_result *item)
bool xccdf_item_set_prohibit_changes(struct xccdf_item *item, bool newval)
bool xccdf_benchmark_set_version_time(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval)
void xccdf_target_identifier_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_target_identifier_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_profile_add_dc_status(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct oscap_reference *newval)
const char * xccdf_version_info_get_version(const struct xccdf_version_info *v)
Definition: XCCDF/elements.c:49
const char * xccdf_value_instance_get_value_string(const struct xccdf_value_instance *inst)
bool xccdf_value_set_cluster_id(struct xccdf_value *item, const char *newval)
void xccdf_refine_rule_free(struct xccdf_refine_rule *obj)
Definition: profile.c:146
bool xccdf_target_identifier_set_href(struct xccdf_target_identifier *ti, const char *newval)
Definition: result.c:509
struct xccdf_benchmark * xccdf_benchmark_clone(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark)
Definition: benchmark.c:127
const char * xccdf_check_get_id(const struct xccdf_check *check)
void xccdf_check_export_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_check_export_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
const char * xccdf_model_get_system(const struct xccdf_model *model)
xccdf_strategy_t xccdf_fix_get_strategy(const struct xccdf_fix *fix)
struct xccdf_status_iterator * xccdf_tailoring_get_statuses(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring)
Definition: tailoring.c:470
const char * xccdf_tailoring_get_version(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring)
Definition: tailoring.c:381
bool xccdf_fixtext_set_text(struct xccdf_fixtext *obj, struct oscap_text *newval)
bool xccdf_profile_add_status(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct xccdf_status *newval)
bool xccdf_rule_set_extends(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_result_add_score(struct xccdf_result *item, struct xccdf_score *newval)
bool xccdf_target_fact_set_string(struct xccdf_target_fact *fact, const char *str)
Definition: result.c:403
bool xccdf_profile_note_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_profile_note_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
void xccdf_setvalue_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_setvalue_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it will point to the first item in the list)
bool xccdf_benchmark_set_resolved(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, bool newval)
bool xccdf_profile_set_abstract(struct xccdf_profile *item, bool newval)
char * xccdf_detect_version(const char *file)
Starts parsing given XCCDF benchmark file to detect its version, stops as soon as the version is foun...
Definition: XCCDF/elements.c:133
float xccdf_rule_result_get_weight(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item)
XCCDF check export.
Definition: item.h:315
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_dc_status(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct oscap_reference *newval)
void xccdf_ident_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_ident_iterator *it)
struct xccdf_profile_note * xccdf_profile_note_iterator_next(struct xccdf_profile_note_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_profile_note structure from the list and increment the iterator.
xccdf_numeric xccdf_value_instance_get_defval_number(const struct xccdf_value_instance *inst)
struct xccdf_identity * xccdf_identity_iterator_next(struct xccdf_identity_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_identity structure from the list and increment the iterator.
struct xccdf_fixtext * xccdf_fixtext_new(void)
Definition: rule.c:810
struct xccdf_version_info * xccdf_benchmark_supported_schema_version(void)
Definition: benchmark.c:671
bool xccdf_value_set_extends(struct xccdf_value *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_item_set_selected(struct xccdf_item *item, bool newval)
bool xccdf_message_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_message_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
struct xccdf_profile_iterator * xccdf_benchmark_get_profiles(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark)
Get an iterator to the benchmark XCCDF profiles.
bool xccdf_refine_rule_weight_defined(const struct xccdf_refine_rule *item)
Definition: profile.c:115
struct oscap_string_iterator * xccdf_group_get_conflicts(const struct xccdf_group *group)
Definition: rule.c:870
struct xccdf_plain_text * xccdf_plain_text_iterator_next(struct xccdf_plain_text_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_plain_text structure from the list and increment the iterator.
bool xccdf_group_get_abstract(const struct xccdf_group *group)
bool xccdf_rule_set_version_time(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_check_content_ref_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_check_content_ref_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
XCCDF override.
Definition: item.h:376
bool xccdf_item_set_cluster_id(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *newval)
void xccdf_status_iterator_free(struct xccdf_status_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_item_set_weight(struct xccdf_item *item, xccdf_numeric newval)
Type of an xccdf_value.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:93
void xccdf_refine_rule_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_refine_rule_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_item_add_description(struct xccdf_item *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
bool xccdf_item_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_item_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
void xccdf_refine_rule_iterator_free(struct xccdf_refine_rule_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
struct xccdf_value * xccdf_value_clone(const struct xccdf_value *value)
Definition: value.c:58
xccdf_status_type_t xccdf_status_get_status(const struct xccdf_status *status)
bool xccdf_rule_set_version(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_check_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_check_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
const char * xccdf_fix_get_content(const struct xccdf_fix *fix)
bool xccdf_result_add_remark(struct xccdf_result *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
const char * xccdf_score_get_system(const struct xccdf_score *item)
struct xccdf_item * xccdf_value_to_item(struct xccdf_value *item)
Status of an XCCDF item.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:83
enum xccdf_subst_type xccdf_subst_type_t
Type of textual substitution.
struct xccdf_group * xccdf_group_clone(const struct xccdf_group *group)
Definition: rule.c:194
struct xccdf_result * xccdf_result_clone(const struct xccdf_result *result)
Definition: result.c:78
bool xccdf_item_add_reference(struct xccdf_item *item, struct oscap_reference *newval)
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:120
bool xccdf_tailoring_set_version_time(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *newval)
Definition: tailoring.c:433
const char * xccdf_tailoring_get_benchmark_ref(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring)
Definition: tailoring.c:396
struct xccdf_benchmark * xccdf_benchmark_import(const char *file)
Import the content from a specified XML stream into a benchmark.
Definition: benchmark.c:55
Value instance iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:595
Definition: reference_priv.h:35
Type constant for xccdf_result.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:59
bool xccdf_value_instance_set_value_number(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst, xccdf_numeric newval)
XCCDF identity.
Definition: item.h:362
Definition: item.h:115
bool xccdf_profile_set_tailoring(struct xccdf_profile *item, bool tailoring)
struct xccdf_item * xccdf_benchmark_get_item(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, const char *id)
Get benchmark xccdf:Item by ID.
void xccdf_fix_free(struct xccdf_fix *item)
Definition: rule.c:848
bool xccdf_instance_set_content(struct xccdf_instance *obj, const char *newval)
void xccdf_target_fact_free(struct xccdf_target_fact *fact)
Represents selectable items, i.e. rules and groups (see xccdf_item)
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:65
XCCDF target fact.
Definition: item.h:389
bool xccdf_rule_add_question(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
struct xccdf_warning * xccdf_warning_clone(const struct xccdf_warning *old_warning)
Definition: item.c:216
const char * xccdf_rule_result_get_idref(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item)
struct oscap_reference_iterator * xccdf_group_get_references(const struct xccdf_group *group)
Definition: item.c:923
Check the rule and let the result contriburte to the score and appear in reports. ...
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:135
bool xccdf_rule_set_severity(struct xccdf_rule *item, xccdf_level_t newval)
bool xccdf_profile_set_note_tag(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *newval)
Represents items as described in the XCCDF documentation (see xccdf_item)
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:67
The test failed.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:170
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:86
void * xccdf_target_identifier_get_xml_node(const struct xccdf_target_identifier *item)
Definition: result.c:479
const char * xccdf_tailoring_get_benchmark_ref_version(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring)
Definition: tailoring.c:401
struct xccdf_identity * xccdf_identity_clone(const struct xccdf_identity *identity)
Definition: item.c:1182
const char * xccdf_result_get_version(const struct xccdf_result *item)
bool xccdf_value_set_version_update(struct xccdf_value *item, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_warning * xccdf_warning_iterator_next(struct xccdf_warning_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_warning structure from the list and increment the iterator. ...
void xccdf_refine_value_iterator_free(struct xccdf_refine_value_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
const char * xccdf_result_get_profile(const struct xccdf_result *item)
bool xccdf_check_import_set_content(struct xccdf_check_import *obj, const char *newval)
Structure representing a CPE dictionary.
Definition: cpedict_priv.h:126
Profile note iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:518
Could not tell what happened.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:172
Type constant for xccdf_profile.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:58
struct xccdf_item * xccdf_rule_get_parent(const struct xccdf_rule *rule)
Return rule&#39;s parent in the grouping hierarchy.
bool xccdf_tailoring_set_id(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *newval)
Definition: tailoring.c:406
struct xccdf_check_export * xccdf_check_export_clone(const struct xccdf_check_export *old_export)
Definition: rule.c:560
xccdf_numeric xccdf_value_instance_get_lower_bound(const struct xccdf_value_instance *inst)
void xccdf_check_export_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_check_export_iterator *it)
bool xccdf_group_get_prohibit_changes(const struct xccdf_group *group)
Strategy not defined.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:156
Rule did not apply to test target.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:173
void xccdf_instance_iterator_free(struct xccdf_instance_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
struct xccdf_rule * xccdf_item_to_rule(struct xccdf_item *item)
Convert the item to a rule.
bool xccdf_group_set_hidden(struct xccdf_group *item, bool newval)
bool xccdf_group_add_conflicts(struct xccdf_group *group, const char *conflicts)
Definition: rule.c:914
Definition: oscap_source.c:62
bool xccdf_override_set_time(struct xccdf_override *obj, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_notice * xccdf_notice_new(void)
Definition: benchmark.c:616
bool xccdf_item_add_conflicts(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *conflicts)
Definition: rule.c:919
struct oscap_string_iterator * xccdf_result_get_targets(const struct xccdf_result *item)
Severity of an xccdf_message.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:127
bool xccdf_result_add_target_identifier(struct xccdf_result *item, struct xccdf_target_identifier *newval)
Remediation by changing policies/procedures.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:161
struct xccdf_value_instance_iterator * xccdf_value_get_instances(const struct xccdf_value *item)
Select iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:477
struct oscap_reference_iterator * xccdf_value_get_references(const struct xccdf_value *value)
Definition: item.c:921
struct xccdf_check_content_ref * xccdf_check_content_ref_new(void)
Definition: rule.c:716
struct oscap_text_iterator * xccdf_group_get_question(const struct xccdf_group *group)
bool xccdf_identity_set_name(struct xccdf_identity *obj, const char *newval)
void xccdf_fixtext_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_fixtext_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
const char * xccdf_refine_rule_get_selector(const struct xccdf_refine_rule *rr)
const char * xccdf_version_info_get_namespace_uri(const struct xccdf_version_info *v)
Definition: XCCDF/elements.c:57
Profile iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:463
const char * xccdf_benchmark_get_version_update(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark)
bool xccdf_select_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_select_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
bool xccdf_rule_add_description(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
const char * xccdf_override_get_time(const struct xccdf_override *item)
bool xccdf_item_add_title(struct xccdf_item *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
struct xccdf_rule * xccdf_rule_new(void)
Definition: rule.c:289
void xccdf_score_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_score_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
struct xccdf_target_identifier_iterator * xccdf_result_get_target_id_refs(const struct xccdf_result *item)
const char * xccdf_tailoring_match_profile_id(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *profile_suffix, int *match_status)
Match a profile suffix agains profiles present in the given benchmark.
Definition: xccdf_session.c:475
struct xccdf_benchmark * xccdf_benchmark_new(void)
Definition: benchmark.c:97
struct xccdf_benchmark * xccdf_rule_get_benchmark(const struct xccdf_rule *rule)
const char * xccdf_fix_get_system(const struct xccdf_fix *fix)
Warning about impacts to the mgmt or administration of the target system.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:149
float xccdf_group_get_weight(const struct xccdf_group *group)
xccdf_strategy_t xccdf_fixtext_get_strategy(const struct xccdf_fixtext *fixtext)
const char * xccdf_check_get_system(const struct xccdf_check *check)
struct oscap_text * xccdf_warning_get_text(const struct xccdf_warning *warning)
void xccdf_status_free(struct xccdf_status *status)
Definition: item.c:972
bool xccdf_rule_result_set_role(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, xccdf_role_t newval)
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_profile(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct xccdf_profile *newval)
XCCDF rule result.
Definition: item.h:345
struct oscap_string_iterator * xccdf_group_get_platforms(const struct xccdf_group *group)
void xccdf_check_content_ref_iterator_free(struct xccdf_check_content_ref_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_rear_matter(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
bool xccdf_group_set_id(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_result_add_metadata(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *metadata)
bool xccdf_message_set_content(struct xccdf_message *obj, const char *newval)
void xccdf_result_fill_sysinfo(struct xccdf_result *result)
Collect system info and store it in the TestResult.
Definition: result.c:174
bool xccdf_refine_value_set_oper(struct xccdf_refine_value *obj, xccdf_operator_t newval)
time_t xccdf_status_get_date(const struct xccdf_status *status)
bool xccdf_value_get_interactive(const struct xccdf_value *value)
struct xccdf_item * xccdf_value_get_parent(const struct xccdf_value *value)
Return value&#39;s parent in the grouping hierarchy.
bool xccdf_value_instance_get_must_match(const struct xccdf_value_instance *item)
void xccdf_value_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_value_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_rule_add_ident(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct xccdf_ident *newval)
struct xccdf_value * xccdf_item_to_value(struct xccdf_item *item)
Convert the item to a value.
struct xccdf_value_instance * xccdf_value_new_instance(struct xccdf_value *val)
Definition: value.c:409
bool xccdf_benchmark_set_version_update(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_description(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
struct xccdf_check_content_ref * xccdf_check_content_ref_iterator_next(struct xccdf_check_content_ref_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_check_content_ref structure from the list and increment the iterator...
struct xccdf_rule_result * xccdf_rule_result_new(void)
Definition: result.c:257
const char * xccdf_rule_result_get_version(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item)
void xccdf_notice_iterator_free(struct xccdf_notice_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_profile_add_select(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct xccdf_select *newval)
const char * xccdf_instance_get_parent_context(const struct xccdf_instance *item)
Model iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:449
void xccdf_rule_result_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_rule_result_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
const char * xccdf_value_instance_get_value(const struct xccdf_value_instance *val)
struct xccdf_status * xccdf_status_clone(const struct xccdf_status *old_status)
Definition: item.c:207
const char * xccdf_target_identifier_get_name(const struct xccdf_target_identifier *item)
Definition: result.c:545
bool xccdf_value_instance_set_selector(struct xccdf_value_instance *obj, const char *newval)
struct oscap_string_iterator * xccdf_result_get_platforms(const struct xccdf_result *item)
struct xccdf_warning_iterator * xccdf_benchmark_get_warnings(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark)
XCCDF item status.
Definition: item.h:244
bool xccdf_status_set_date(struct xccdf_status *obj, time_t newval)
void xccdf_message_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_message_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_value_add_question(struct xccdf_value *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
const char * xccdf_value_get_extends(const struct xccdf_value *value)
No interface hint.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:74
XCCDF rule ident URI.
Definition: item.h:281
struct xccdf_group * xccdf_group_new(void)
Definition: rule.c:189
bool xccdf_value_set_version(struct xccdf_value *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_value_get_abstract(const struct xccdf_value *value)
struct oscap_string_iterator * xccdf_result_get_metadata(const struct xccdf_result *result)
const char * xccdf_group_get_cluster_id(const struct xccdf_group *group)
void xccdf_rule_result_iterator_free(struct xccdf_rule_result_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
void xccdf_check_iterator_free(struct xccdf_check_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
struct xccdf_fix * xccdf_fix_iterator_next(struct xccdf_fix_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_fix structure from the list and increment the iterator.
bool xccdf_group_add_warning(struct xccdf_group *item, struct xccdf_warning *newval)
bool xccdf_rule_result_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_rule_result_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
bool xccdf_rule_add_warning(struct xccdf_rule *item, struct xccdf_warning *newval)
xccdf_test_result_type_t xccdf_rule_result_get_result(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item)
bool xccdf_score_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_score_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
struct oscap_source * xccdf_result_stig_viewer_export_source(struct xccdf_result *result, const char *filepath)
Export TestResult to oscap_source structure using STIG Rule IDs instead of the actual rule ids...
Definition: result.c:726
struct oscap_text_iterator * xccdf_select_get_remarks(const struct xccdf_select *select)
bool xccdf_value_add_warning(struct xccdf_value *item, struct xccdf_warning *newval)
XCCDF rule defines a test execution.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:214
bool xccdf_check_content_ref_set_name(struct xccdf_check_content_ref *obj, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_metadata(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *metadata)
void xccdf_identity_iterator_free(struct xccdf_identity_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_value_add_metadata(struct xccdf_value *item, const char *metadata)
struct xccdf_fix_iterator * xccdf_rule_result_get_fixes(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item)
bool xccdf_target_identifier_set_name(struct xccdf_target_identifier *ti, const char *newval)
Definition: result.c:531
bool xccdf_rule_set_cluster_id(struct xccdf_rule *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_item_set_extends(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *newval)
const char * xccdf_plain_text_get_id(const struct xccdf_plain_text *item)
struct xccdf_refine_value * xccdf_refine_value_iterator_next(struct xccdf_refine_value_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_refine_value structure from the list and increment the iterator.
substitute cdf:sub element
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:3476
xccdf_role_t xccdf_refine_rule_get_role(const struct xccdf_refine_rule *rr)
void xccdf_rule_free(struct xccdf_item *rule)
Definition: rule.c:386
bool xccdf_value_set_version_time(struct xccdf_value *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_profile_add_refine_value(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct xccdf_refine_value *newval)
bool xccdf_plain_text_set_text(struct xccdf_plain_text *obj, const char *newval)
const char * xccdf_ident_get_system(const struct xccdf_ident *ident)
void xccdf_refine_value_free(struct xccdf_refine_value *rv)
Definition: profile.c:136
void xccdf_instance_free(struct xccdf_instance *inst)
bool xccdf_value_instance_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_value_instance_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
void xccdf_ident_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_ident_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
Rule did not cause any evaluation by the checking engine.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:174
const char * xccdf_profile_get_note_tag(const struct xccdf_profile *profile)
struct xccdf_ident_iterator * xccdf_rule_result_get_idents(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item)
Override iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:581
bool xccdf_item_set_version(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_rule_result_override(struct xccdf_rule_result *rule_result, xccdf_test_result_type_t new_result, const char *time, const char *authority, struct oscap_text *remark)
Override the result of rule-result.
Definition: result.c:1208
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_platform(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval)
Representation of internationalizable character strings.
Definition: text_priv.h:47
bool xccdf_group_set_cluster_id(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *newval)
Rule was evaluated by the checking engine, but isn&#39;t to be scored.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:176
void xccdf_target_identifier_free(struct xccdf_target_identifier *ti)
Definition: result.c:447
struct oscap_text_iterator * xccdf_item_get_question(const struct xccdf_item *item)
const char * xccdf_plain_text_get_text(const struct xccdf_plain_text *item)
bool xccdf_item_add_status(struct xccdf_item *item, struct xccdf_status *newval)
bool xccdf_select_set_selected(struct xccdf_select *obj, bool newval)
struct xccdf_message * xccdf_message_new(void)
Definition: result.c:364
struct xccdf_model * xccdf_model_clone(const struct xccdf_model *old_model)
Definition: item.c:997
bool xccdf_group_set_prohibit_changes(struct xccdf_group *item, bool newval)
const char * xccdf_target_identifier_get_system(const struct xccdf_target_identifier *item)
Definition: result.c:501
void xccdf_plain_text_iterator_free(struct xccdf_plain_text_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_profile_set_extends(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_item_iterator * xccdf_group_get_content(const struct xccdf_group *group)
Get an iterator to the group content.
const char * xccdf_fixtext_get_fixref(const struct xccdf_fixtext *fixtext)
String iterator.
bool xccdf_profile_note_set_text(struct xccdf_profile_note *obj, struct oscap_text *newval)
struct oscap_text_iterator * xccdf_group_get_description(const struct xccdf_group *group)
struct xccdf_check_content_ref * xccdf_check_content_ref_clone(const struct xccdf_check_content_ref *old_ref)
Definition: rule.c:569
Logical or.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:113
bool xccdf_result_add_identity(struct xccdf_result *item, struct xccdf_identity *newval)
int xccdf_result_export(struct xccdf_result *result, const char *file)
Export a TestResult to an XML stream.
Definition: result.c:738
struct oscap_text_iterator * xccdf_value_get_title(const struct xccdf_value *value)
bool xccdf_target_fact_set_number(struct xccdf_target_fact *fact, xccdf_numeric val)
Definition: result.c:408
Fix strategy type.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:155
bool xccdf_fixtext_set_reboot(struct xccdf_fixtext *obj, bool newval)
struct xccdf_profile_iterator * xccdf_tailoring_get_profiles(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring)
Definition: tailoring.c:465
struct oscap_text_iterator * xccdf_value_get_question(const struct xccdf_value *value)
int xccdf_result_recalculate_scores(struct xccdf_result *result, struct xccdf_item *benchmark)
Definition: result_scoring.c:284
struct oscap_reference_iterator * xccdf_tailoring_get_dc_statuses(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring)
Definition: tailoring.c:475
bool xccdf_profile_note_set_reftag(struct xccdf_profile_note *obj, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_check_import_iterator * xccdf_check_get_imports(const struct xccdf_check *check)
struct xccdf_benchmark * xccdf_value_get_benchmark(const struct xccdf_value *value)
const char * xccdf_value_instance_get_match(const struct xccdf_value_instance *inst)
bool xccdf_profile_add_metadata(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *metadata)
bool xccdf_group_set_version_time(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_result(struct xccdf_benchmark *bench, struct xccdf_result *result)
Definition: benchmark.c:461
void xccdf_setvalue_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_setvalue_iterator *it)
void xccdf_fixtext_free(struct xccdf_fixtext *item)
Definition: rule.c:839
struct xccdf_result * xccdf_result_import_source(struct oscap_source *source)
Import the content of oscap_source into a xccdf_result.
Definition: result.c:610
const char * xccdf_check_content_ref_get_href(const struct xccdf_check_content_ref *ref)
bool xccdf_check_set_system(struct xccdf_check *obj, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_value_instance_set_lower_bound(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst, xccdf_numeric newval)
General-purpose warning.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:143
xccdf_test_result_type_t xccdf_override_get_old_result(const struct xccdf_override *item)
bool xccdf_check_add_import(struct xccdf_check *obj, struct xccdf_check_import *item)
An error occurred and test could not complete.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:171
const char * xccdf_refine_rule_get_item(const struct xccdf_refine_rule *rr)
bool xccdf_group_set_extends(struct xccdf_group *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_item_set_id(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_model_iterator * xccdf_benchmark_get_models(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark)
Get an iterator to the benchmark scoring models.
struct oscap_text_iterator * xccdf_group_get_title(const struct xccdf_group *group)
Type constant for xccdf_rule.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:60
bool xccdf_value_set_multiple(struct xccdf_value *item, bool newval)
bool xccdf_profile_add_title(struct xccdf_profile *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
int xccdf_tailoring_export(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *file, const struct xccdf_version_info *version_info)
Definition: tailoring.c:359
Interface hint.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:73
struct oscap_reference_iterator * xccdf_group_get_dc_statuses(const struct xccdf_group *group)
Definition: item.c:924
struct xccdf_fix * xccdf_fix_new(void)
Definition: rule.c:771
bool xccdf_model_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_model_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
bool xccdf_value_instance_get_value_boolean(const struct xccdf_value_instance *inst)
XCCDF profile is a set of tests and their settings in a compact package.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:202
bool xccdf_value_instance_set_match(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_result_set_version(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_item_set_version_time(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *newval)
Notice iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:428
struct xccdf_target_identifier * xccdf_target_identifier_new(void)
Definition: result.c:426
struct xccdf_select * xccdf_select_iterator_next(struct xccdf_select_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_select structure from the list and increment the iterator.
bool xccdf_item_set_version_update(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *newval)
Textual fix iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:525
void xccdf_check_content_ref_free(struct xccdf_check_content_ref *ref)
Definition: rule.c:721
struct xccdf_message * xccdf_message_clone(const struct xccdf_message *message)
Definition: item.c:1211
struct xccdf_score * xccdf_score_clone(const struct xccdf_score *score)
Definition: item.c:1247
bool xccdf_value_instance_set_upper_bound(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst, xccdf_numeric newval)
struct oscap_string_iterator * xccdf_value_get_sources(const struct xccdf_value *value)
void xccdf_value_free(struct xccdf_item *val)
Definition: value.c:263
bool xccdf_item_add_platform(struct xccdf_item *item, const char *newval)
const char * xccdf_check_import_get_content(const struct xccdf_check_import *item)
bool xccdf_rule_result_set_severity(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, xccdf_level_t newval)
Override iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:616
struct xccdf_check * xccdf_check_iterator_next(struct xccdf_check_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_check structure from the list and increment the iterator.
const char * xccdf_tailoring_get_version_time(const struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring)
Definition: tailoring.c:391
xccdf_level_t xccdf_refine_rule_get_severity(const struct xccdf_refine_rule *rr)
struct xccdf_score * xccdf_score_iterator_next(struct xccdf_score_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_score structure from the list and increment the iterator.
bool xccdf_plain_text_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_plain_text_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
bool xccdf_rule_result_add_override(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, struct xccdf_override *item)
struct xccdf_benchmark * xccdf_item_to_benchmark(struct xccdf_item *item)
Convert the item to a benchmark.
bool xccdf_value_instance_set_value_boolean(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst, bool newval)
bool xccdf_profile_set_version(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_refine_value * xccdf_refine_value_new(void)
Definition: profile.c:79
Combo of two or more of the above.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:164
struct xccdf_rule * xccdf_rule_clone(const struct xccdf_rule *rule)
Definition: rule.c:294
Boolean operators for logical expressions.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:111
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:119
bool xccdf_rule_result_add_check(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, struct xccdf_check *item)
struct oscap_source * xccdf_benchmark_export_source(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, const char *filename)
Export a benchmark to a source object.
Definition: benchmark.c:227
XCCDF automatic fix.
Definition: item.h:325
void xccdf_rule_result_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_rule_result_iterator *it)
XCCDF check import.
Definition: item.h:309
struct xccdf_refine_rule * xccdf_refine_rule_clone(const struct xccdf_refine_rule *old_rule)
Definition: profile.c:103
struct xccdf_value * xccdf_value_iterator_next(struct xccdf_value_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_value structure from the list and increment the iterator.
bool xccdf_profile_set_version_update(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *newval)
struct oscap_text_iterator * xccdf_item_get_rationale(const struct xccdf_item *item)
Warning about legal implications.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:147
bool xccdf_tailoring_set_version(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, const char *newval)
Definition: tailoring.c:415
struct xccdf_rule_result_iterator * xccdf_result_get_rule_results(const struct xccdf_result *item)
bool xccdf_identity_get_authenticated(const struct xccdf_identity *item)
bool xccdf_group_add_value(struct xccdf_group *group, struct xccdf_value *item)
const char * xccdf_value_get_cluster_id(const struct xccdf_value *value)
Check content references iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:532
bool xccdf_profile_set_version_time(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_rule_add_conflicts(struct xccdf_rule *rule, const char *conflicts)
Definition: rule.c:909
bool xccdf_override_set_old_result(struct xccdf_override *obj, xccdf_test_result_type_t newval)
xccdf_level_t xccdf_rule_result_get_severity(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item)
The item is not complete.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:88
bool xccdf_group_add_title(struct xccdf_group *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
struct oscap_text_iterator * xccdf_group_get_rationale(const struct xccdf_group *group)
struct xccdf_target_fact * xccdf_target_fact_new(void)
Definition: result.c:380
struct xccdf_check_import * xccdf_check_import_new(void)
Definition: rule.c:730
bool xccdf_value_set_oper(struct xccdf_value *item, xccdf_operator_t oper)
Definition: value.c:272
const char * xccdf_value_get_version_update(const struct xccdf_value *value)
const char * xccdf_check_content_ref_get_name(const struct xccdf_check_content_ref *ref)
Rule failed, but was later fixed.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:177
struct xccdf_plain_text * xccdf_plain_text_new_fill(const char *id, const char *text)
Definition: benchmark.c:892
void xccdf_select_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_select_iterator *it)
bool xccdf_identity_set_authenticated(struct xccdf_identity *obj, bool newval)
bool xccdf_warning_set_category(struct xccdf_warning *obj, xccdf_warning_category_t newval)
struct xccdf_ident * xccdf_ident_clone(const struct xccdf_ident *ident)
Definition: rule.c:440
Don&#39;t check the rule, result will be XCCDF_RESULT_UNKNOWN.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:137
bool xccdf_value_get_prohibit_changes(const struct xccdf_value *value)
struct xccdf_override_iterator * xccdf_rule_result_get_overrides(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item)
bool xccdf_check_export_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_check_export_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
bool xccdf_warning_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_warning_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
bool xccdf_identity_get_privileged(const struct xccdf_identity *item)
bool xccdf_value_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_value_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
void xccdf_target_identifier_iterator_free(struct xccdf_target_identifier_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
Check iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:511
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_group(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, struct xccdf_group *group)
struct oscap_string_iterator * xccdf_item_get_platforms(const struct xccdf_item *item)
void xccdf_model_iterator_free(struct xccdf_model_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
void xccdf_instance_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_instance_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
struct xccdf_target_identifier * xccdf_target_identifier_clone(const struct xccdf_target_identifier *ti)
Definition: result.c:431
xccdf_numeric xccdf_score_get_score(const struct xccdf_score *item)
void xccdf_plain_text_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_plain_text_iterator *it)
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:95
bool xccdf_result_add_target_address(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_group_add_dc_status(struct xccdf_group *item, struct oscap_reference *newval)
bool xccdf_value_instance_set_defval_number(struct xccdf_value_instance *inst, xccdf_numeric newval)
bool xccdf_instance_set_context(struct xccdf_instance *obj, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_target_identifier_set_system(struct xccdf_target_identifier *ti, const char *newval)
Definition: result.c:487
Can be either &lt;target-id-ref&gt; or some other element.
Definition: item.h:395
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_content(struct xccdf_benchmark *bench, struct xccdf_item *item)
Definition: benchmark.c:545
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_rule(struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark, struct xccdf_rule *rule)
bool xccdf_item_add_rationale(struct xccdf_item *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
const char * xccdf_group_get_version_update(const struct xccdf_group *group)
struct xccdf_check_import * xccdf_check_import_iterator_next(struct xccdf_check_import_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_check_import structure from the list and increment the iterator.
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_model(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct xccdf_model *newval)
bool xccdf_target_identifier_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_target_identifier_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_notice(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct xccdf_notice *newval)
void xccdf_target_fact_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_target_fact_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
void xccdf_check_import_free(struct xccdf_check_import *item)
Definition: rule.c:735
bool xccdf_rule_set_prohibit_changes(struct xccdf_rule *item, bool newval)
void xccdf_item_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_item_iterator *it)
bool xccdf_check_set_content(struct xccdf_check *obj, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_tailoring * xccdf_tailoring_new(void)
Definition: tailoring.c:39
bool xccdf_target_identifier_set_xml_node(struct xccdf_target_identifier *ti, void *node)
Definition: result.c:463
void xccdf_model_free(struct xccdf_model *model)
Definition: item.c:1041
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:128
struct xccdf_notice_iterator * xccdf_benchmark_get_notices(const struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark)
Get an iterator to the benchmark legal notices.
void xccdf_target_fact_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_target_fact_iterator *it)
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:123
xccdf_level_t xccdf_fix_get_complexity(const struct xccdf_fix *fix)
bool xccdf_check_export_set_name(struct xccdf_check_export *obj, const char *newval)
const char * xccdf_select_get_item(const struct xccdf_select *select)
void xccdf_message_free(struct xccdf_message *msg)
Result iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:456
Draft item.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:87
struct xccdf_status * xccdf_value_get_status_current(const struct xccdf_value *value)
XCCDF benchmark legal notice.
Definition: item.h:239
float xccdf_numeric
Type of a numerical content for a XCCDF value.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:196
void xccdf_refine_value_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_refine_value_iterator *it)
bool xccdf_profile_set_id(struct xccdf_profile *item, const char *newval)
void xccdf_fix_iterator_free(struct xccdf_fix_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_profile_get_tailoring(const struct xccdf_profile *profile)
bool xccdf_refine_rule_set_selector(struct xccdf_refine_rule *obj, const char *newval)
struct xccdf_value_instance * xccdf_value_instance_iterator_next(struct xccdf_value_instance_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_value_instance structure from the list and increment the iterator.
bool xccdf_fix_get_reboot(const struct xccdf_fix *fix)
const char * xccdf_status_type_to_text(xccdf_status_type_t id)
Definition: item.c:959
struct xccdf_ident * xccdf_ident_new(void)
Definition: rule.c:448
struct xccdf_select * xccdf_select_new(void)
Definition: profile.c:120
struct xccdf_item * xccdf_profile_to_item(struct xccdf_profile *item)
struct oscap_string_iterator * xccdf_result_get_organizations(const struct xccdf_result *item)
bool xccdf_value_add_dc_status(struct xccdf_value *item, struct oscap_reference *newval)
const char * xccdf_item_get_version_update(const struct xccdf_item *item)
bool xccdf_value_set_prohibit_changes(struct xccdf_value *item, bool newval)
const char * xccdf_refine_value_get_selector(const struct xccdf_refine_value *rv)
Apply a patch, hotfix, or update.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:160
bool xccdf_benchmark_set_style_href(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_override_set_remark(struct xccdf_override *obj, struct oscap_text *newval)
bool xccdf_group_add_rationale(struct xccdf_group *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
void xccdf_setvalue_iterator_free(struct xccdf_setvalue_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
void xccdf_status_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_status_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
struct xccdf_fix * xccdf_fix_clone(const struct xccdf_fix *old_fix)
Definition: rule.c:777
The test passed.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:169
void xccdf_identity_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_identity_iterator *it)
bool xccdf_group_add_question(struct xccdf_group *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
Warning about possible impacts to functionality.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:144
bool xccdf_target_fact_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_target_fact_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
XCCDF warning.
Definition: item.h:234
void xccdf_fix_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_fix_iterator *it)
struct xccdf_item * xccdf_group_to_item(struct xccdf_group *item)
const char * xccdf_profile_note_get_reftag(const struct xccdf_profile_note *note)
bool xccdf_tailoring_resolve(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark)
Definition: resolve.c:420
bool xccdf_override_set_new_result(struct xccdf_override *obj, xccdf_test_result_type_t newval)
struct xccdf_warning_iterator * xccdf_item_get_warnings(const struct xccdf_item *item)
bool xccdf_result_iterator_has_more(struct xccdf_result_iterator *it)
Return true if the list is not empty, false otherwise.
struct xccdf_instance * xccdf_instance_clone(const struct xccdf_instance *instance)
Definition: item.c:1219
xccdf_operator_t xccdf_refine_value_get_oper(const struct xccdf_refine_value *rv)
bool xccdf_value_set_id(struct xccdf_value *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_identity_set_privileged(struct xccdf_identity *obj, bool newval)
void xccdf_notice_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_notice_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
bool xccdf_group_set_weight(struct xccdf_group *item, xccdf_numeric newval)
void xccdf_ident_iterator_free(struct xccdf_ident_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
struct xccdf_score_iterator * xccdf_result_get_scores(const struct xccdf_result *item)
bool xccdf_value_set_interactive(struct xccdf_value *item, bool newval)
xccdf_test_result_type_t xccdf_override_get_new_result(const struct xccdf_override *item)
struct xccdf_target_fact_iterator * xccdf_result_get_target_facts(const struct xccdf_result *item)
A base class for XCCDF items.
Definition: item.h:221
struct oscap_string_iterator * xccdf_result_get_applicable_platforms(const struct xccdf_result *item)
Logical and.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:112
bool xccdf_group_add_description(struct xccdf_group *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
struct xccdf_warning_iterator * xccdf_value_get_warnings(const struct xccdf_value *value)
struct oscap_reference_iterator * xccdf_value_get_dc_statuses(const struct xccdf_value *value)
Definition: item.c:922
void xccdf_profile_iterator_free(struct xccdf_profile_iterator *it)
Free the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
XCCDF refine value option used in the profile.
Definition: item.h:269
Represents an object, profile, result or whole benchmark (see xccdf_item)
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:69
bool xccdf_result_set_end_time(struct xccdf_result *item, const char *newval)
bool xccdf_rule_set_abstract(struct xccdf_rule *item, bool newval)
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:129
Warning about impacts to audit or logging.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:150
bool xccdf_rule_result_set_weight(struct xccdf_rule_result *obj, float newval)
struct xccdf_warning * xccdf_warning_new(void)
Definition: item.c:1056
bool xccdf_benchmark_set_cpe_list(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct cpe_dict_model *cpe_list)
Definition: benchmark.c:570
const char * xccdf_target_fact_get_name(const struct xccdf_target_fact *item)
const char * xccdf_item_get_cluster_id(const struct xccdf_item *item)
xccdf_role_t xccdf_rule_result_get_role(const struct xccdf_rule_result *item)
struct xccdf_rule_result * xccdf_rule_result_iterator_next(struct xccdf_rule_result_iterator *it)
Return the next xccdf_rule_result structure from the list and increment the iterator.
struct xccdf_tailoring * xccdf_tailoring_import_source(struct oscap_source *source, struct xccdf_benchmark *benchmark)
Definition: tailoring.c:208
bool xccdf_benchmark_add_title(struct xccdf_benchmark *item, struct oscap_text *newval)
bool xccdf_tailoring_add_profile(struct xccdf_tailoring *tailoring, struct xccdf_profile *profile)
Definition: tailoring.c:83
bool xccdf_check_import_set_name(struct xccdf_check_import *obj, const char *newval)
struct oscap_text * xccdf_profile_note_get_text(const struct xccdf_profile_note *note)
struct xccdf_profile_note * xccdf_profile_note_new(void)
Definition: rule.c:494
bool xccdf_rule_add_requires(struct xccdf_rule *rule, struct oscap_stringlist *requires)
Definition: rule.c:891
XCCDF check content reference.
Definition: item.h:304
Status iterator.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:435
xccdf_numeric xccdf_refine_rule_get_weight(const struct xccdf_refine_rule *item)
Date and time selection widget.
Definition: xccdf_benchmark.h:79
void xccdf_identity_iterator_reset(struct xccdf_identity_iterator *it)
Reset the iterator structure (it makes no changes to the list structure)
const char * xccdf_group_get_extends(const struct xccdf_group *group)
struct xccdf_profile * xccdf_item_to_profile(struct xccdf_item *item)
Convert the item to a profile.
struct xccdf_version_info * xccdf_item_get_schema_version(struct xccdf_item *item)
Retrieves the XCCDF version of top-level benchmark item.
void xccdf_message_iterator_remove(struct xccdf_message_iterator *it)
struct oscap_string_iterator * xccdf_result_get_target_addresses(const struct xccdf_result *item)
bool xccdf_select_set_item(struct xccdf_select *obj, const char *newval)