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oval_collection_impl.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language.

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#include "../common/util.h"

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struct oval_collectionoval_collection_new (void)
void oval_collection_free (struct oval_collection *)
void oval_collection_free_items (struct oval_collection *, oscap_destruct_func)
int oval_collection_is_empty (struct oval_collection *collection)
void oval_collection_add (struct oval_collection *, void *)
struct oval_iteratoroval_collection_iterator (struct oval_collection *)
struct oval_iteratoroval_collection_iterator_new (void)
void oval_collection_iterator_add (struct oval_iterator *, void *)
bool oval_collection_iterator_has_more (struct oval_iterator *)
int oval_collection_iterator_remaining (struct oval_iterator *)
void * oval_collection_iterator_next (struct oval_iterator *)
void oval_collection_iterator_free (struct oval_iterator *)