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oval_agent_api.h File Reference

Detailed Description

"David Niemoller"
"Peter Vrabec"
#include "oval_definitions.h"
#include "oval_system_characteristics.h"
#include "oval_results.h"
#include "oval_variables.h"
#include "oval_probe.h"

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typedef struct oval_agent_session oval_agent_session_t
 Agent session consists of connection to system checking engine, definition model, system characteristics model and results model.
typedef int(* agent_reporter )(const struct oval_result_definition *res_def, void *arg)


oval_agent_session_toval_agent_new_session (struct oval_definition_model *model, const char *name)
 Create new session for OVAL agent from OVAL definition model. More...
struct oval_definition_modeloval_agent_get_definition_model (oval_agent_session_t *ag_sess)
 Retrieves OVAL definition model associated with given session.
void oval_agent_set_product_name (oval_agent_session_t *, char *)
 Set a product name for the provided agent session. More...
int oval_agent_eval_definition (oval_agent_session_t *, const char *)
 Probe the system and evaluate specified definition. More...
int oval_agent_get_definition_result (oval_agent_session_t *, const char *, oval_result_t *)
 Get the OVAL result of a definition from an agent session. More...
struct oval_result_definitionoval_agent_get_result_definition (oval_agent_session_t *ag_sess, const char *id)
 Get the OVAL result definition from an agent session. More...
int oval_agent_reset_session (oval_agent_session_t *ag_sess)
 Clean resuls that were generated in this agent session.
int oval_agent_abort_session (oval_agent_session_t *ag_sess)
 Abort a running probe session.
int oval_agent_eval_system (oval_agent_session_t *ag_sess, agent_reporter cb, void *arg)
 Probe and evaluate all definitions from the content, call the callback functions upon single evaluation. More...
struct oval_results_modeloval_agent_get_results_model (oval_agent_session_t *ag_sess)
 Get a result model from agent session.
const char * oval_agent_get_filename (oval_agent_session_t *ag_sess)
 Get a filename under which was created.
void oval_agent_destroy_session (oval_agent_session_t *ag_sess)
 Finish OVAL agent session.