Open SCAP Library
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1 /*
2  * Copyright 2010 Red Hat Inc., Durham, North Carolina.
3  * All Rights Reserved.
4  *
5  * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
6  * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
7  * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
8  * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
9  *
10  * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13  * Lesser General Public License for more details.
14  *
15  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
16  * License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
17  * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
18  *
19  * Authors:
20  * Lukas Kuklinek <>
21  */
24 #pragma once
31 struct oscap_reference;
34 struct oscap_reference_iterator;
36 bool oscap_reference_iterator_has_more(struct oscap_reference_iterator *it);
38 struct oscap_reference *oscap_reference_iterator_next(struct oscap_reference_iterator *it);
40 void oscap_reference_iterator_free(struct oscap_reference_iterator *it);
42 void oscap_reference_iterator_reset(struct oscap_reference_iterator *it);
47 void oscap_reference_free(struct oscap_reference *ref);
49 struct oscap_reference *oscap_reference_clone(const struct oscap_reference *ref);
52 bool oscap_reference_get_is_dublincore(const struct oscap_reference *item);
54 bool oscap_reference_set_is_dublincore(struct oscap_reference *obj, bool newval);
57 const char *oscap_reference_get_href(const struct oscap_reference *item);
59 bool oscap_reference_set_href(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
61 const char *oscap_reference_get_title(const struct oscap_reference *item);
63 bool oscap_reference_set_title(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
65 const char *oscap_reference_get_creator(const struct oscap_reference *item);
67 bool oscap_reference_set_creator(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
69 const char *oscap_reference_get_subject(const struct oscap_reference *item);
71 bool oscap_reference_set_subject(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
73 const char *oscap_reference_get_description(const struct oscap_reference *item);
75 bool oscap_reference_set_description(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
77 const char *oscap_reference_get_publisher(const struct oscap_reference *item);
79 bool oscap_reference_set_publisher(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
81 const char *oscap_reference_get_contributor(const struct oscap_reference *item);
83 bool oscap_reference_set_contributor(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
85 const char *oscap_reference_get_date(const struct oscap_reference *item);
87 bool oscap_reference_set_date(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
89 const char *oscap_reference_get_type(const struct oscap_reference *item);
91 bool oscap_reference_set_type(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
93 const char *oscap_reference_get_format(const struct oscap_reference *item);
95 bool oscap_reference_set_format(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
97 const char *oscap_reference_get_identifier(const struct oscap_reference *item);
99 bool oscap_reference_set_identifier(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
101 const char *oscap_reference_get_source(const struct oscap_reference *item);
103 bool oscap_reference_set_source(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
105 const char *oscap_reference_get_language(const struct oscap_reference *item);
107 bool oscap_reference_set_language(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
109 const char *oscap_reference_get_relation(const struct oscap_reference *item);
111 bool oscap_reference_set_relation(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
113 const char *oscap_reference_get_coverage(const struct oscap_reference *item);
115 bool oscap_reference_set_coverage(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
117 const char *oscap_reference_get_rights(const struct oscap_reference *item);
119 bool oscap_reference_set_rights(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval);
121 #endif
const char * oscap_reference_get_contributor(const struct oscap_reference *item)
bool oscap_reference_set_source(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
bool oscap_reference_set_format(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
const char * oscap_reference_get_source(const struct oscap_reference *item)
struct oscap_reference * oscap_reference_new(void)
Definition: reference.c:58
bool oscap_reference_set_relation(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
bool oscap_reference_set_type(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
bool oscap_reference_get_is_dublincore(const struct oscap_reference *item)
bool oscap_reference_set_href(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
bool oscap_reference_set_subject(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
bool oscap_reference_set_coverage(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
const char * oscap_reference_get_rights(const struct oscap_reference *item)
bool oscap_reference_set_publisher(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
bool oscap_reference_set_language(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
struct oscap_reference * oscap_reference_clone(const struct oscap_reference *ref)
Definition: reference.c:183
const char * oscap_reference_get_format(const struct oscap_reference *item)
Definition: reference_priv.h:35
const char * oscap_reference_get_publisher(const struct oscap_reference *item)
const char * oscap_reference_get_language(const struct oscap_reference *item)
const char * oscap_reference_get_description(const struct oscap_reference *item)
bool oscap_reference_set_title(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
bool oscap_reference_set_rights(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
const char * oscap_reference_get_href(const struct oscap_reference *item)
const char * oscap_reference_get_creator(const struct oscap_reference *item)
const char * oscap_reference_get_title(const struct oscap_reference *item)
const char * oscap_reference_get_coverage(const struct oscap_reference *item)
const char * oscap_reference_get_type(const struct oscap_reference *item)
bool oscap_reference_set_contributor(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
const char * oscap_reference_get_identifier(const struct oscap_reference *item)
bool oscap_reference_set_creator(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
bool oscap_reference_set_identifier(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
const char * oscap_reference_get_date(const struct oscap_reference *item)
const char * oscap_reference_get_subject(const struct oscap_reference *item)
bool oscap_reference_set_description(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
void oscap_reference_free(struct oscap_reference *ref)
Definition: reference.c:63
const char * oscap_reference_get_relation(const struct oscap_reference *item)
bool oscap_reference_set_date(struct oscap_reference *obj, const char *newval)
bool oscap_reference_set_is_dublincore(struct oscap_reference *obj, bool newval)